20 Solid Reasons Why freelancers Love To Work In Café’s

work from cafeIf somebody told you ten years ago that in the future many people would base their offices in café’s you might be forgiven for thinking that they were a sandwich short of a picnic. Well fast forward a decade and that’s exactly what’s happened. In fact the term ‘work from home’ is losing out rapidly to those who prefer to work within the confines of their local coffee house. So why is this. Here are 20 reasons?

Caffeine on tap – If you need coffee to get the creative juices flowing, then there’s no better place

Time to think – The walk, drive, or cycle, to your chosen cafe gives you time to focus on what you need to do?

Muffins – Need I say more!

No task based distractions – As you don’t have an office space as such you don’t have to worry about filing paperwork, cleaning your desk, or making those lengthy paper clip chains that really annoy your colleagues.

Changing stimulus – You get a whole bunch of inputs such as snatches of conversation, songs on the radio, or different people coming and going that can alter your perspective on ow you approach a task

Things come to you – Being waited on by cafe staff puts you in the zone of good things coming to you with little or no effort. Great for being creative don’t you think?

Part of a community – It feels great to be part of a community even if that community is ever-changing

self reward – There’s no better place to allow yourself that rewarding piece of cake after knuckling down and getting stuff done!

You’re not stuck in a work environment with someone you don’t really like – enough said!

You love the challenge of a clever response – Especially when the guy at the next table asks you what you’re working on

Instantaneous focus group – If ever you needed an opinion on your work, well there’s an instant focus group right there.

It brings out your inner creativity – If it’s good for famous writers, poets, and artists then surely it’s good for you?

Great for networking – Want to make contacts? There’s no better place to do it.

If something breaks you don’t have to fix it – Again, enough said!

You won’t be asked to help move furniture or clean the bathroom – Unlike when you work from home of course. That is except if you’re head down working and blissfully aware that the cafe wants to close.

You don’t have to sit as the same desk – Well variety is the spice of life so they say!

So there you have it, 20 reasons to convince you that cafe freelancing is he way to go!

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