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3 Reasons To Buy Student Chairs For Your Cafe

Let’s face it, the student chair can’t exactly be described as a masterpiece in design. It isn’t something that makes you go ‘wow’ and it probably won’t win any style awards. However more and more cafes are opting for the humble student chair as their cafe furniture of choice, but why? Here are 3 strong reasons why you might want to do the same.

Student chairs are designed to be robust

The name ‘student chair’ belies the fact that they were first used in schools. In essence this is what they were originally designed for. However if you think about it, the ideal school chair has to be one that’s incredibly robust, light enough to be picked up and moved around when necessary, and one that can withstand the rigours of daily use. These are exactly the same qualities that you’d want in a good commercial-grade cafe chair, and yes, our commercial-grade student chairs are exactly this. So when you buy them, you know you won’t be replacing them 2 or 3 years down the line.

They’re incredibly practical

In terms of practicality, student chairs have a lot to offer. We’ve already mentioned that they’re robust yet lightweight so they can easily be picked up and moved around to suit the needs of the business, but that’s just the start of it as far as practicality is concerned. In addition wooden student chairs are designed to be stackable for ease of storage. They’re specially treated to be stain resistant so any spills can easily be wiped away using a damp cloth, and what’s more, they won’t fade or warp and are designed to keep their rich timber colour. In addition the brushed aluminium frame is also treated and therefore won’t flake or rust any time soon.

They’re non-offensive

By their very nature student chairs aren’t going to divide the crowds. No one is going to either love them or hate them. In fact if these chairs were a flavour of ice-cream, I guess they’d be Vanilla. The good thing about vanilla of course is that it can accompany a wide variety of other flavours. Therefore when it comes to styling, your student chairs can do exactly the same, in other words, they aren’t likely to clash.

The bottom line is that student chairs really do work in a cafe setting for all of the above reasons. They offer a sensible, practical, and cost effective alternative to other style-led cafe seating. So if you’re a lover of vanilla and want seating that’s understated but durable, then it’s fair to say that you could do a lot worse than the humble student chair.

Here at Cafe Solutions we are currently running an April clearance sale with massive prices off a wide range of cafe table tops and cafe chairs. The student chair is one of these items, so if you’re looking for practical seating solutions at a bargain price, contact us on (02) 9188 3484 or log on to to find out more.

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