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3 Reasons We Love Polypropylene Chairs

Stephanie Chair

Here at Cafe Solutions we sell all sorts of cafe products from bench equipment to cafe chairs, tables, pendant lights, and ottomans. In fact, we’re extremely proud of our products. However, every so often we like to air our feelings about particular products and today it’s polypropylene chairs. We just LOVE them. With summer in full swing everyone wants to be outside enjoying the sunshine and catching up with friends over a long cool juice or iced mocha. If your terrace is looking more shabby then chic then it’s quick and easy to brighten it up with some new chairs and not only will our polypropylene beauties see you through the season, but you’ll love them so much that you’ll probably want to use them for the rest of the year too.

3 Reasons Why We Love Polypropylene Chairs

So, it’s time to stop gushing over these plastic chairs and get down to business. Polypropylene is a strong hard wearing plastic which is far lighter than wood or metal. Because it’s injected into a mould, it can be easily transformed into all sorts of innovative chair designs. Here are 3 reasons why we love them and we’re sure you will too.

#1 Plenty of beautiful colour options

Due to its very nature, polypropylene comes in an endless variety of bold and bright colours. Our pretty Stephanie chair for instance comes in bright red, burnt orange, vivid blue, green, and black. Or, if you prefer your colours to be more restful, then our Nicole chair is available in mocha, latte, or black which will fit in well with most existing colour schemes.

#2 Mess resistant and easy to clean

OK, so this is probably an obvious reasons but we’re going to mention it anyway. Plastic chairs are super convenient when there are kids around or even accident prone adults. Stains and dirty fabric are a thing of the past when you introduce plastic into your cafe. Our polypropylene chairs are easy to wipe down and any spilled liquids will just run off them. You can enjoy a glass of red wine without the dreaded thought of spilling it even entering your mind.

#3 Quick way to modernise your cafe

It can be a tough call keeping up with trends especially if you’re on a low budget or you find the whole concept of choosing furniture overwhelming. A simple and easy way to modernise or switch up your dining area is to change your chairs. With many of our chairs costing less than $50 a piece, it’s an affordable way to inject some colour and fun into your terrace. If your dining space is fairly neutral and plain, then adding a pop of colour could breathe new life into it.

The great news is that currently we’re running a 10% off promotion on all of our polypropylene chairs (except the Specta) so take advantage while you can.

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