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3 Top Tips For Making The Most Of Your Café Seating

Whilst many café/bistro owners spend a lot of time making sure that the interior look and feel of their establishment is right, few owners pay enough attention to their seating. After all, it’s no good having the most contemporary or funky of surroundings if the chairs that the customers sit on are uncomfortable, or worse still… just plain impractical. With this in mind, here are 3 top tips that you can use to make the most of your café seating.

Comfort is everything

If you really want to keep customers in your establishment then comfort is most definitely king! It stands to reason that if your clientèle are comfortable, they are more likely to stay that little bit longer and order another cup of coffee. As a result you may want to try the chairs yourself before you buy imagining yourself in the customer’s shoes. Hardwood stools for instance may look great but they can also be hard on your bottom, so why not add some soft cushions to soften the experience. Comfy sofas that you can just fall into are also a great idea

Think about spacing

It’s all too easy when looking at your space to try and cram seating in. Even though you may be under the impression that more seating equals more customers and therefore more cash in the tills, the reality is that people like the feeling of space, or at the very least, their own space. When that space is invaded by another customer sitting at a table that’s way too close for comfort, it can feel somewhat off-putting. Instead try to maximise the space that you have wisely but don’t go down the route of overcrowding.

Matching the décor

When it comes to café seating, there’s a great deal of choice out there on the market and as a result there’s bound to be something that fits in perfectly with your theme or décor. Chairs that don’t match or chairs that are just plain wrong will stand out like a sore thumb and could end up costing you customers, no matter how good your coffee is. They don’t necessarily have to be the same colour scheme as your décor either as this can often be an overload of one particular colour. Instead why not choose seating that contrasts with your décor, but in a good way of course? For some inspiration, popular websites such as will give you a plethora of design and colour ideas where you can take inspiration from.

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