4 Factors to Help you Choose the Right Number of Table Tops

If you’re just starting up a new café then one of the exciting parts of the planning is choosing your café furniture. That said, we’re often asked by customers how to know the number of café table tops they need to buy.

Since your tables are one of the most important items, and indeed, take up most of the dining area, it’s important that you order the correct number. We’ve put together 4 factors which can determine the size of tables you choose and how many you will need.

Compatibility with your floor space

You can’t just guess how many tables you might need, so the first thing to do is take some measurements. This enables you to work out how many people you can comfortably accommodate in the square footage of your café. Measure all your available space in order to calculate the area that’s suitable for seating.

Before purchasing your tables, you need to bear in mind what would be the best size for your café and the type of seating to go with it. The size of table can be determined by the size of the plates you’ll be serving food on, your café’s theme, and whether you hire your space out for parties or other functions.

Tip: you can easily find charts online which can help you visualise the design and layout of your dining space.

Consider your theme

This is an important consideration when selecting your table tops. Usually your layout and theme will determine the number and size of your table tops. For example, if you’re more of a quick turn around type of café purely serving small snacks, then small tables for small groups will be your best choice. Alternatively, if you attract larger groups who tend to order a lot of different dishes and stay around for longer, then bigger tables which can accommodate more crockery and cutlery would be a better choice.

Flexible seating

In recent years, many cafes have come to realise the value of flexible furniture that can be adapted to meet their business needs at different times of the day or even during different seasons. Tables that have additional leaves that can be opened up to make the table bigger are a great idea, or you might want to consider small square tables which can be easily pushed together to make larger tables as and when required.

Tip: don’t forget to leave enough space between tables so that customers can get in and out with ease and waiting staff can move around freely between tables.

Disability friendly

Lastly, consider disabled people and ensure that there is plenty of room for them to enter your café and manoeuvre once inside. Bolt-in steel table bases are a good idea since they provide more room beneath the table allowing wheel chairs to be pushed closed to the table as well as kid’s buggies etc. but do bear in mind that you need to be happy with your floor layout before going down this route.

Depending on all these factors you can measure up your floor space and consider your best options for the space available. Choosing and buying your café furniture can be a daunting experience, especially if it’s your first time, so don’t be afraid to ask the experts at Café Solutions for advice and guidance. Why not visit our new showroom in Brisbane where you can see our table tops first hand? You’re guaranteed a warm welcome.








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