4 Top Tips For Choosing Cafe Furniture

While choosing dining furniture for your home is no mean feat, it becomes a whole new ball game when you’re looking for cafe furniture that defines your cafe and sets the mood. Getting your furniture right is important if you’re to create a warm and welcoming ambience for customers which also complements your food. So, let’s jump in and take a look at 4 tips to help you choose wisely:

Don’t lose focus

One of the things we’ve noticed about some cafes is that their interiors look muddled with mismatched furniture and accessories that give a confusing message. A good idea is to sit down and map out the furniture and decorative items that you require before you go looking for them. Settle on an overall aesthetic that you’re trying to create and then put together a palette of colours, materials, and patterns that fit within it. Stick to mostly neutral colours varying textures and patterns, limiting yourself to one or two colours for the bulk of your furniture with a bold colour used sparingly as an accent colour.

Know your customers

The key to a successful cafe is knowing your demographic and understanding their needs. Would your clientele be concerned about seat cushions and table heights? Would they appreciate a few tub chairs or sofas for added relaxation? Have you space to accommodate high chairs for children and/or booster seats?

Choose quality over quantity

Although it can be tempting to buy dining furniture intended for the home because it’s often cheaper, this can be false economy. Cafe furniture needs to withstand constant and regular use rather than occasional use, which is why commercial furniture should always be your first choice. Don’t be swayed too much by price either. Cheap doesn’t always mean the quality is inferior. Take our AFDR tested furniture for example. Some of our cheapest items have passed this test with flying colours. Always test out the furniture for yourself, after all if you don’t find it comfortable and sturdy, why will your customers? Besides our online stores, we also have several several physical showrooms so that you can try for yourself before committing to a purchase.

Have fun

While it’s important that you focus on your goal aesthetic and about creating the right mood, it’s also important to have fun when designing or revamping your cafe. What customers like most about cafes is when they’re teeming with personality and character. So put a little bit of yourself in the design and make it yours. After all, if you’re going to be working your socks off for years to come, you want to enjoy where you’re working!

At Cafe Solutions we pick out items of furniture that we think our customers will love, while naturally concentrating on their quality and durability. Whatever your style, we’re bound to have something to suit. We’re constantly adding new products too, so be make sure you check back on a regular basis.

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