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4 Top Tips For Adding Colour To Your Café

colour wheelIf you’re afraid of adding some colour to your café’s interior then don’t be. It really is quite easy provided you follow a few basic rules. So let’s take a look:

Breaking it down into percentages

Decorating a room is all about getting the right balance of colours. Too much of one colour for example white or beige, can make a room appear bland and too many colours can make a room look confused and busy. It’s a good idea to divide the colour scheme of your café into percentages with your walls being the predominant colour (60%), your furniture the secondary colour (30%) and accent colours in the way of cushion covers, tablecloths, napkins etc. used to liven up the look, being used for the remaining 10%.

Choosing a colour scheme

Choosing your colour scheme is usually the most difficult part of interior design. You can use a colour wheel to simplify the process and to narrow down your choices to two colour schemes. This makes for a good starting point.

Complementary colour scheme

Complementary colours will be opposite each other on a colour wheel. For example blue and yellow, red and green, and purple and orange. This type of colour scheme can be used to give a clear definition to various parts of your interior. For example you could use a warm red colour for a lounging area where you place sofas and armchairs and use a few small accessories in green to make the area pop.

Analogous colour scheme

These are colours which are next to each other on a colour wheel and generally match each other well to give a relaxing ambience. For example you could use various shades of soft yellow in your scheme and add a warm orange accent colour. Just make sure you have sufficient contrast when choosing an analogous scheme.

Light to dark

Another design tip which works well is to use your darkest colour on your floor, your lighter colour on the walls and your lightest colour on the ceiling. By using this “vertical” style of decorating you’ll achieve an interior design which works every time.

Pull from the pattern

Statement walls make a great focus for any café interior and with a wide range of beautiful florals, striking geometrics and resplendent retro patterns you’re spoiled for choice. Try taking one of the colours from your statement wallpaper as the inspiration for your colour scheme. For example if you have a retro paper with shades of greens, browns and oranges in it, then you could pick out a pale shade of green for your walls, per se, and then utilise dark wood furniture with some warm orange shades in your seat cushions or perhaps in tablecloths.

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