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4 Top Tips For Upgrading Your Tired Looking Cafe Bar

Even though your bar or cafe may have a lot of character, if it’s looking a little tired and jaded then its days could be numbered. Keeping up appearances is important if you’re to retain existing customers and attract new ones, after all customers are a picky lot and there’s always another cafe or bar near by that they can go to. We’ve put together a few tips to help you breath new life into your tired looking cafe bar.

Give it a lick of paint

There’s no easier and quicker way to totally transform the look and feel of your cafe than by painting its walls. Adding new colour can give a totally different vibe and attract new customers through your door. Colour is also known to affect mood, so be careful what colours you choose. Warm colours such as reds and yellows are known to increase peope’s appetites but too bright and these colours can be overpowering. Instead opt for softer warm shades such as terracotta orange, deep garnet red, or tuscan yellow. Oranges and yellows also make an establishment look cheery, and inexpensive, but again be careful which shades you choose. Green denotes health and sustainability which are hot trends right now and this can be paired with brown or orange for a vintage look or with silver for a look that is modernistic.

Art work

If your walls are plain then why not transform them with some art work. Perhaps you could ask a few budding artists in your area if they’d like to display some of their work on your walls or consider investing in a few quality pieces for your business. Art work is interesting and helps conversations flow too.

Upgrading your bar stools

Bar stools get a lot of use in cafes and bars and after a while they too can look a little tired. Investing in new stools is a great way to add colour and create a more modern appearance, so spend some time looking at bar stool options.

Change your lighting

The importance of lighting is often overlooked yet this can single-handedly transform the appearance and ambience of your cafe bar. Funky new lamps on the tables may be one way to go, or perhaps invest in a variety of pendant lighting hanging in groups at different levels to draw the eye. A large chandelier makes a fantastic statement piece and bounces rainbows of light around the room, while LED lights can chase each other around your bar for a look that’s trendy and fun

Upgrading your cafe bar needn’t cost a fortune and you don’t have to do everything at once. Why not choose one or two options until you’ve saved enough money to invest in new furniture. We don’t just give useful hints and tips, we also stock an extensive collection of cafe furniture at extremely affordable prices. Why not browse our store or drop by our showroom and get inspired.

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