5 Reasons Why Investing In an Outside Space Could Be Key to Your Café Success

Many cafés, restaurants and bistro’s lavish great expense on their interior in the hope that it will wow their guests and attract diners. However many people fail to capitalize on their outside space. You see, for a fraction of the cost of revamping your interior you could have an attractive outside space that will get people stopping for a long cool drink on a summer’s afternoon or a steaming hot drink on a fresh winter’s day.

So why would you utilize any outdoor café space you may have?

There’s nothing better!
There’s nothing better than finding a pavement café or terrace, grabbing a coffee or something long and cool, and simply watching the world go by. People just love to watch. So if you have a small pavement area or large terrace with lots of passers-by, then frankly you’d be silly not to utilise it.

It’s cheap
Apart from an outside dining permit, maintaining an outside space is cheap to run. The air conditioning and lighting is free. All you need are a few stylish tables and chairs and some additional outside planting to turn even a small pavement area into a fun and enjoyable space to eat or drink.

It attracts people
It’s a well-known fact that people attract people. How many times have you walked past a busy market stall or shop window and stopped to take a closer look? The same can be said for outside café spaces. If you have just one customer sitting outside enjoying a drink or a bite to eat then it’s going to attract other passer’s-by. In essence your outside space can create a great first impression that will draw people in to your establishment.

Instantly increases revenue
Even if you can only get say three or four tables on an outside pavement or terrace area, it’s certainly worth it. Even as few as four extra tables could generate a significant amount of income that could easily pay for the cost of your outside space many times over.

Take advantage of the number of styles on the market
For a fraction of the cost of an interior redesign why not take advantage of the multitude of stylish tables and chairs that are now available on the market. Most offer excellent value for money, so giving your establishment a modern contemporary look, or an up-market Mediterranean feel no longer has to cost you an arm and a leg. Whatever you decide, get the styling right and you’ll ask yourself why you hadn’t done it sooner!

The bottom line is that everyone eats, and what’s more important is that for most people, they like to eat in pleasant and open spaces away from cluttered and cramped interiors. People can often be easily turned off by tasteless interior design which can be the difference between getting customers into your establishment or not. Whereas when creating an outside space that people want to sit in, it doesn’t involve much creative experience or know how. As a result, as long as you have a little imagination and the right café furniture then it really is a win/win situation.

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