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7 Trivial But Interesting Facts About Coffee You Might Not Know

So…as this is a cafe furniture blog I thought it only right and proper to talk about the one thing that keeps people coming back to a cafe time and time again. No it isn’t the fantastic décor or cafe furniture and no it isn’t the exceptionally hot barista behind the counter either… it’s coffee! So here are 7 interesting facts to amaze and astound your friends. Mind you, they’d probably think that you’d been drinking way too much of the stuff! But Anyway…here goes..

It’s actually a fruit

Yes that’s right the humble coffee bean is actually part of a berry. Known as the coffee berry and sometimes referred to as ‘coffee cherries’ they’re an edible fruit in which the humble coffee bean sits.

An Espresso contains a fraction of the caffeine levels of a standard coffee

Despite what you might think an espresso contains on average just 1/3 of the levels of caffeine that a standard cup of coffee has due to it’s size.

It takes around 100 cups of coffee to be considered a lethal dose

Definitely not recommended but scientists have concluded that for a lethal dose of caffeine to be administered you’d need to consume 100 cups in quick succession (it makes you wonder how this was actually tested).

99% of the world’s coffee is made from two types of beans

These are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is the most popular with over 70% of the world’s population consuming it. Grown at sea level it comes mainly in South America in particularly Brazil. Robusta on the other hand is best grown at 600m + above sea level and comes from Africa and India. Robusta is also has over two times the caffeine content that Arabica beans have.

Coffee hasn’t always been a drink

The first inhabitants to consume coffee didn’t do so as a drink. Instead African tribes discovered that ground coffee beans combined with animal fat made an (apparently) delicious energy snack. Kind of like a protein bar but without the appeal.

Bring on the dancing goats

Legend has it that Ethiopian shepherds discovered coffee way back in the 9th century when they watched in amazement as their herd danced around after eating the beans.

The inventor of instant coffee was none other than George Washington! not the George Washington, but a Belgian/American inventor of the same name came up with the idea in 1906. The truth is for about the next 50 years it tasted terrible and many peole hated it. Instead it wasn’t until much later that a cup of instant became a great tasting household staple.

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