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9 Café Design and Décor Ideas to Inspire You In 2019

Are you looking to open a new café or give yours a facelift? If so, pull up a seat and take a look at 9 design and décor ideas to give you the inspiration you need to push forward and make your café one that stands out from the crowd.

Make use of typography

We’re noticing an increasing use of type on walls of cafes and restaurants and when it’s done well it looks terrific. Marquee letter, bold graphics, charts and diagrams are all some great ways to add interest to your walls while letting your customers know what you’re all about and what’s on offer.

Unique artwork

Every city has talented artists and perhaps one of your customers is one of them. Put the word out there to find someone who can create some pieces that are unique to your café.

Go green

Fresh plants, herbs, and flowers not only make your café look more attractive but make the environment feel more relaxing while showcasing your connection with fresh ingredients.

Choose a theme

While some themed cafes may seem a little over the top or cheesy, they don’t have to be. Try choosing a theme that isn’t too trendy and that represents something that reflects you, your brand, and menu.

Keep it simple

Want your café to show off the food you serve rather than competing for attention? Consider a simple design which isn’t overpowering. We’re not saying it’s easy – in fact keeping things simple can be harder as every detail gets noticed and matters.

Think of Instagram opportunities

Customers love nothing better than sharing things they love with their friends so consider improving the lighting in your café and add some colour for a polished finish that looks great on Instagram.

Old school’s good

You don’t always have to be reinventing the wheel. Certain classics are classic for a reason. An old bistro style of ladder-back chairs, wood bar, and a tiled floor never goes out of fashion.

Get in the community spirit

Millennials, particularly, love huddling together in groups chatting and sharing their favourite Instagram pictures and Facebook posts. Community tables can allow for groups to sit together and share ideas and thoughts while also allowing those new to the neighbourhood to make friends.

Be yourself

Your café is your baby and therefore an extension of you, so let it reflect your personality. Show off a collection of vintage teapots, family photos, or family pets – whatever – if having those around you make you feel happy. You’ll be spending a lot of time in your café and if you’re feeling comfortable and happy then your customers will too.

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