A Brief But Detailed Look At The Types Of Cafe Tables

If you’re hopefully running a busy establishment, then you already know the importance of making sure that all your guests can be seated. One way to do this is to make sure that your café space (either inside, outside or both) is utilised to it’s full potential. After all, customers mean cash in the tills, and you really don’t want to be turning them away. With this in mind, let’s take a brief but detailed look at different types of café tables.

Bar tables

Bar tables are a perfect addition to any café, restaurant or bistro as they can fit comfortably in tight or awkward areas where space might be an option. They work particularly well on a small pavement area or terrace, or in corners. They create a warm and cosy feel and depending upon the size can seat 2-4 people in relative comfort. They come in a wide variety of shapes including circular, square and oval and are made from a multitude of materials including composite wood, stainless steel, and polypropylene.


One way to save money when looking at café tables is purchasing separates. By this we mean table tops and/or bases. Many companies now design table tops and bases as a way of mixing and matching either existing bases with new table tops or vice versa. This way you can change your look for a limited cost. Both tables and bases come in a wide range of sizes from small ‘table-for two’ styles right up to large tables that can seat 8-12 people and in a wide variety of styles and designs, colours and composites. The bases can also come in single supporting and double supporting styles.

Outdoor tables

As many café’s particularly in Australia have outside spaces where ‘al-fresco dining and people watching is the name of the game there are a variety of tables on sale that are designed specifically for the great outdoors. Most are multi-purpose and can be used either inside or out but generally speaking, tables of this nature won’t fade, rust, crack or warp and are usually treated with special coatings to ensure that they can withstand all the Australian climate can throw at them. From small wrought iron bistro sets, to compact laminates, from polypropylene through to stainless steel, outdoor tables are designed to be lightweight and built to last. Again, they often come in a wide variety of sized and shapes and can be large family style dining tables through to intimate dining sets.

So there you have it. A brief look at the type of café tables available! If you’re looking to redesign your café space or are looking for furniture to compliment your existing tables then you need to check out Cafe Solutions. Our Website has a wide range of affordable café tables and separates for you to choose from, all at great ‘value for money’ prices, so visit www.cafesolutions.com.au and pick up some inspiration and indeed some bargains in the process.

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