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A Guide To Buying Bar Stools

Bar stools are functional and fun and can be used to good effect in a café, bar or bistro as well as at home in the kitchen. Once a bar stool was a simple wooden affair but now they come in a wide range of appealing designs. However, purchasing a stool involves more than just picking a style. If your good looking bar stool doesn’t fit your counter or table, then it’s of no use. Here’s a few tips to help you select the right bar stool for your use:


Choosing the right bar stool begins with taking a few measurements of your table or counter’s height, depth and width. Bar heights tend to average between 100–105 cm high, so if your surface falls within this range then you’ll need a stool with a seat height of 76cm. Counter surfaces are generally 90cm high, so you’ll need a bar seat height of 66cm. If your table or counter doesn’t fall within these parameters then we’d suggest allowing 25-35cm between the bottom of the table and the top of the bar seat.


Location and frequency of use has an impact on the quality of stool to consider. For instance a café stool needs to able to withstand the rigours of a busy establishment and any upholstery needs to be easy to maintain. We’d certainly recommend our replica Tolix bar stools for the busiest of establishments are they’re strong, sturdy and built to last. If you’re using stools outside on a terrace then you need to look for designs which are lightweight and easily portable, fade resistant and stackable. Our Parisian stool fits this brief perfectly.

Swivel, backless or arms?

Swivel stools have a turning range of between 180-360º which means they’re easier to get on and off. It’s also easier to turn one towards the other or spin around to look in a different direction. Swivel stools do require more space, however, and they can present a challenge for older people or children.

Backless stools are lighter in weight and don’t take up so much space. Since they can be tucked beneath a bar or counter, they also make a room appear less cluttered. On the downside they don’t provide a lot of support so are not ideal in areas where people could be sitting for long periods of time.

Stools with arms are more comfortable since they offer more support, however they do take up more space and if you’re aiming to get more bottoms on seats, particularly in awkward corners, then they may not be your best choice.

Bar stools are both decorative and functional and in some instances can also be used as an accent colour to liven up your décor. Why not take a look at our wide range of bar stools and cafe furniture by visiting the website or contacting us on (07) 3205 1616. You’re sure to find a stool you like.

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