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A Users Guide To Commercial Grade Table Tops

cafe table topsIf you’re planning on refurbishing your cafe space and are looking to replace your table tops it can be a daunting task to find the right ones to suit your needs. Do you go solid wood or laminate?Alternatively do you go classic marble, or contemporary polypropylene? In this post we’re going to give you a list of the most popular commercial grade table tops you can buy and the pros and cons of each. So here goes, let’s get started.


Years ago laminate products were considered inferior especially when compared to solid wood. The problem was that generally speaking they were. Early ones used to split, crack, and bubble and didn’t last 5 minutes. Now however things have changed and laminate table tops are extremely hard wearing, and remain easy to clean. Add to this that they now come in a huge range of designs and styles and it’s easy to see why more and more café’s are embracing laminate table tops. On the down side, although many are made to look like materials such as wood and marble medium density fibreboard (or MDF) just doesn’t have the same style and elegance of the originals, but then again, they’re far cheaper and far easier to maintain

Solid hardwood table tops

Solid hardwood table tops provide an elegance and sophistication that you wouldn’t necessarily get with materials such as laminate. In fact it’s virtually impossible to replicate the warmth, smell and tactile nature of a piece of solid wood furniture. In addition each piece of wood has an individual grain and is therefore 100% unique. Although relatively easy to clean and great for commercial use certain industrial cleaners should be avoided so that it doesn’t ruin the lacquer. On the downside, because they’re a premium product, expect to pay premium prices.

Veneer table tops

Veneer table tops offer a middle ground for those who love the feel and look of solid wood but don’t like the price it brings. Veneer table tops are manufactured with a solid MDF core and a thin layer of real wood on top. Again they’re good for commercial use and because of their relatively low cost they’re a popular choice amongst cafe owners. On the downside, with a solid wood table top, they can be sanded back and re-varnished to give a new look. However with veneered table tops, because of the MDF core and thin layer of wood, you can’t do this.

Resin compound

Resin compound table tops such as Werzalit are similar to laminate tables except because they are fashioned from resin, rather than wood or wood particles they can also be used outdoors. This makes them an extremely flexible choice for cafe owners. They come in a huge variety of styles, designs, shapes, and colours and are manufactured in Germany, so you have that amazing German build quality, meaning that these table tops are built to last. On the downside, because the tables have a bevelled edge they aren’t ideal for joining together and making one larger table.

Marble and granite

Considered the pinnacle of quality, marble and granite table tops scream quality from every angle. They’re virtually indestructible because they’re impossible to damage through normal use. Altogether this makes them a great investment and one that’s sure to be a talking point amongst all your customers. On the down side, as you can imagine they’re also extremely heavy so can’t be moved easily. They’re also a premium product and therefore, expect to pay eye watering prices too.

So there you have it. Everything you need to know about table tops. Here at Cafe Solutions we have a wide range of commercial grade table tops available for you to browse and buy. Why not visit our website at for a closer inspection. Alternatively if you need help in finding the perfect table top to suit your needs you can always contact us directly on 07 3205 1616. We look forward to dealing with you.

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