Aluminium-Framed Furniture – The Advantages Over Wood

You might think that aluminium furniture isn’t a patch on wood. After all, it doesn’t have the warmth, it doesn’t have the tactile effect that wood has, and it doesn’t have the strength. However it could be argued that you’re wrong on all accounts. The reason? Aluminium-framed cafe furniture has come a long way in recent years and now cafe owners can purchase some great looking designs that fit in with a wide variety of styles, themes, and designs that won’t break the bank. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the other advantages that they have over solid wood.


If you could pick your perfect cafe seating, it’s probably one that has that ideal balance of style and practicality. Aluminium furniture gives you exactly this. In fact it has practicality in spades. While there’s no debating that solid wood furniture looks the part, try placing it outdoors in the full glare of the Australian sunshine and it won’t last 5 minutes. Chances are it will fade or crack. Alternatively the majority of aluminium furniture is designed specifically to be used both indoors and out and is weatherproof so it won’t rust or warp.

In addition, aluminium-framed furniture is very low maintenance. All it needs to keep it in good condition is a simple wipe down with a damp cloth. Conversely, wood furniture is prone to staining and isn’t waterproof. So a quick wipe over with soapy water is usually out of the question. What’s more natural wood furniture will loose it’s sparkle over time and will need varnishing. Whereas aluminium-framed furniture is usually already coloured or treated.

Finally aluminium-framed furniture is lightweight so it can be moved around to suit the needs of your venue and what’s more, it’s designed to be stacked and stored easily, making it convenient for transportation should the need arise.


While solid wood furniture comes in a variety of styles, the variability of aluminium-framed furniture exceeds it. From industrial Tolix-inspired chairs and rustic cross-back metal chairs through to contemporary Mediterranean inspired chairs for that perfect summer look, it offers something for everyone. If you have a particular style, design, or look you want to achieve you can rest assured that there is an aluminium-framed chair to suit. From contemporary chic in the form of an aluminium double leg cafe chair with rattan seat, to the fabulously cool Parisienne cafe chair with welded aluminium frame, you can get the exact look you’re after.

If you like the versatility and practicality of aluminium commercial-grade cafe furniture, then log on to the Cafe Solutions website and take a look for yourself. We offer affordable cafe furniture at great prices, so why not give us a try today.

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