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Bar Chairs for All Occasions and All Budgets

bar chairs
Cross Back Stool

Bar chairs are ultimately more comfortable than bar stools because they support the user’s back preventing them from slouching. A bar chair is also safer for young children and seniors to sit on, preventing them from falling backwards off their seat.

Additional features such as arm and footrests and cushions make them even more comfortable for longer periods of time. If you’re looking to use bar chairs in your café or restaurant, then most people prefer to match them to the style of their existing furniture.

Why should I be worried about how comfortable my bar chairs are?

The type of bar chair you choose can affect the behaviour of your customers. For example, a metal bar chair is not likely to be as comfortable to sit on as one that is upholstered in leather, as a result, a customer is unlikely to stay for as long as he or she might if they were sitting more comfortably. This fact, alone, can influence how much they spend with you and whether they become a returning customer.

Which type of bar chair is the most versatile?

Generally speaking, we would suggest that a black or neutral coloured bar stool is the most versatile since it will fit into most decors and themes.

Do bar chairs take up a lot of room?

Well, yes and no! A bar chair without arms will take up less room than one with arms but because of the fact they have a back, they won’t push completely beneath your bar counter or bar table, meaning that the back will always be on show.

What sort of material should I choose for my bar chair?

To some extent, this depends on where you will be using your chairs – indoors or outdoors or both.

Metal bar chairs can often be used inside and outside as can those made from polypropylene. Most upholstered or wooden chairs are best saved for indoor use only.

Another consideration when choosing the material they are to made from is how easy it is to maintain and clean. Our Cross Back bar chairs, for instance, simply need dusting with a dry cloth to keep them looking their best as do our Tolix bar chairs.

One of our best sellers is the Rhiannon bar stool which has a contemporary aesthetic and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use (undercover). It’s lightweight with an attractive black woven pattern and a slender metal frame, which makes it easy to move from one place to another to meet customer needs.

Why not check out our bar chairs and browse our online store for more information. Alternatively, if you’d like to see our furniture up close, then why not drop by our showrooms in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. Our helpful staff will be pleased to answer any questions and help with your choice.