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Need New Bar Stools in Sydney? We Can Help

bar stools sydney
Parisian Stool Black and White in V Pattern

If you’re in need of new bar stools in  Sydney we can help. Here at Café Solutions, we stock a comprehensive range of commercial-grade standard and tall bar stools for you to choose from. Whether you need a stunning tall bar stool to match your taller dry bar tables, or whether you’re after a standard but stylish bar stool to accompany your bar, we have you covered.

Customers can choose from a wide range of metal stools, wood stools or a combination of both, at prices that won’t break the bank. From 66cm gloss silver Tolix stools and Detroit adjustable stools for that industrial feel to a 76cm Ladderback stool in dark walnut for that rich, sumptuous look. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something ‘tres chic’ then we have just the bar stool for you in the simple but stylish Parisian Stool in Black and White V Pattern.

Bar stools in Sydney are an important piece of commercial furniture and nearly every establishment has them. Many Sydney bar owners are adding barstools to their main dining areas to incorporate higher seating. Very popular, they are often some of the first seats to be taken when grouped around taller dry bar tables –After all, who doesn’t like a spot of elevated seating.

So what should you be looking for?

Commercial-grade furniture

While there are some great looking bar stools available for the home, they’re usually of retail-grade quality. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t last very long in a busy bar that sees thousands of people a year. Instead, while commercial-grade bar stools in Sydney are usually more expensive to buy initially, they can easily balance out, when it comes to frequently of replacement. In fact, with their stronger joints and resistance to wear and tear, you can usually expect commercial-grade bar stools in Sydney to outlast their retail-grade counterparts by 3-1.

Match in with your theme, style or design

This should go without saying but you’d be surprised at how many bars/restaurants and cafés have random chairs that don’t match the style and the décor of the room. They stand out like a pickaxe in a roomful of shovels and invite strange inquisitive looks for all the wrong reasons.

Instead, great bar stools in Sydney should either blend harmoniously and seamlessly into your décor or be so gloriously different that they just work! If you can’t pull off the latter, then choosing the right match is certainly a safer bet.

Strength and durability

While commercial-grade bar stools in Sydney may all be grouped together as ‘rigorously tested’ don’t assume they have the same pedigree when it comes to durability. Your venue, for example, might be so busy that it goes through cafe furniture quicker than an HSV in a quarter-mile drag race! As a result, buying commercial grade bar stools in Sydney without trying them out for yourself is just plain crazy. So sit on them and jiggle about. While you may look a little strange to passer’s by, don’t worry, because you’ll know for sure that your brand new bar stools aren’t likely to give up the ghost after the first signs of heavy handling.

If you’re in the Sydney area then why not take a look for yourself in our purpose-built warehouse and see what real commercial grade bar stools are all-about. We have a good selection available for you to browse and buy.

Alternatively, if you’d rather, you can visit our website from the comfort of your favourite armchair and download our free online catalogue. At Café Solutions, we make it easy for you to get the right bar stools in Sydney to suit your needs.