Need a Bar Table in Australia? We Stock Plenty

Whether you’re looking for one bar table in Australia or a hundred, we have an extensive range to choose from. We ship Australia wide and offer speedy delivery direct to your door.

So, what exactly is a bar table and how does it differ from other tables?

A bar table is higher than a standard table – around the height of a bar – hence its name. Just to give you an idea, our bar tables range in height from 1020mm to 1100mm but you’re likely to find differing heights according to the brand.

Give your meals a lift

A bar table is often referred to as a ‘poseur table’ and basically this means that it can be used as a standalone item for people to place their drinks on while they stand chatting, or it can be paired with a couple of bar stools. People love dining at bar tables for the simple fact that they are sitting in an elevated position and can enjoy a panoramic view of their surroundings.

Where to use a bar table in Australia

Because of its height, a bar table helps bring dimension to your interior design and can be used to maximise your floor space by slotting it into tight corners or small recesses where you would struggle to fit a standard café table and 4 chairs.

You could also line up bar tables along a blank wall in your café or restaurant, which helps to alleviate the problem of solo or couples taking up the space of a table intended for 4 people.

bar table australiaBar tables are great for corners and look stunning when paired with elegant tall bar stools. If you open at night, then why not place a candle on your bar table and turn it into an intimate dining space for 2.

About our bar tables

Our bar tables are supplied as table packages (which is the cheapest option) or customers can customise their bar table by selecting a tabletop and a table base separately. A custom table can give you the exact look that you’re seeking whether it’s to accompany your décor or fit in with existing furniture.

All of our bar table packages feature an Isotop tabletop. We highly recommend this brand because it is exceptionally strong and durable while being reasonably priced. The tabletops come in a variety of colours and patterns with many of the styles intended to mimic natural materials such as wood, concrete, and marble.

Features of Isotop table tops

Isotop table tops are made from plantation wood chip, resin, and wax which is moulded together at high temperatures to create a strong tabletop. It is then given a protective laminate coating and the edges are sealed to prevent any moisture from getting beneath the laminate.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these tables tops are weather resistant and UV treated to help prevent fading. In addition, they are heat, stain and scratch-resistant. Best of all, they are easy to maintain and all that’s needed to remove any spills is a damp cloth and a mild cleansing agent.

Table bases

Our table packages also contain a table base which can either be a Roma base or a Tolix base. The Roma base comes in a choice of silver or black and features a sleek modern aesthetic. The replica Tolix base is ideal for those seeking a retro look or that have an industrial setting. It looks particularly good when paired with our tall replica Tolix stools.

Custom bar tables

If you can’t quite find the bar table that you’re looking for, then you may be interested in having a custom bar table. All you need do is choose your tabletop and select a base from our range of table bases.

We recommend a 600mm size tabletop for a bar table and you’ll find these in a wide range of designs including Rustic Maple, Choco Oak, Black or White Marble, Shesman Timber, and Cement, to name but a few.

To add the finishing touch, we have several table bases to choose from including our decorative Paris bar base which looks stunning with our Parisian bar stools. Other base options include a bolt in base which is ideal if your space is limited and a folding base which is a good choice if you’re short on storage.

Whatever type of bar table in Australia, you’re seeking, you are sure to find just what you want here at Café Solutions. Why not browse our online store or visit one of our showrooms in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney to see them for yourself.