Make a Statement with a Bar Table

bar table A bar table is a tall drinks or dining table which is usually used with tall stools or a lean-to surface in a café, bar, or restaurant. Our bar tables include a variety of different styles, some of which have marching tables to co-ordinate your look, should you wish to do so.

Also known as poseur tables, a bar table is a very useful addition to a café or bar and when used correctly can make a statement. Typically our bar tables stand at 1110 mm and more towering over our café tables which have a height of 450mm.

Because of their elevated height and their compact table top, they’re ideal for placing in small recesses and awkward corners where it would be a struggle to accommodate a table and chairs.

Our bar tables lend themselves to customers looking to socialise after work before going home. Without stools, friends can gather together using the table as a place to rest their drink while they’re chatting. Used with stools, a  poseur table can accommodate 1 or 2 people who, when sitting above everyone in your café, can enjoy a great view of all that’s going on.

Know your options

Our bar table options offer flexibility, enabling you to mix and match bases and tops to customise your own bar table or to purchase a table package.

Due to their height, dry bar tables usually accommodate a 600 mm table top which can be round or square. Our Venice dry bar table base is manufactured from cast iron with a matte black base. It can be paired with any of our 600mm or 700 mm table tops to create a stunning dry bar table which can be used indoors or outside. Dot a few of these around on an outside patio and you can accommodate many more customers.

Our table packages include an Isotop table top with either a sleek and contemporary Roma table base or a Tolix table base in black or white which gives more of a vintage look and fits well into industrial settings. You can make a real statement by lining several of our Tolix bar tables along an entire length of wall and pair them with our replica Tolix stools.

If you need further information about any of our bar tables then please feel free to contact us. Alternatively, why not browse our online store or visit your Brisbane showroom to see our furniture up close.