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Bench Seats – The Perfect Seat for Two

bench seats

Bench seats are a great solution if you’re short of space in your café, restaurant or bar and take up less room than a standard table and four chairs. Customers love them because they offer a more intimate dining experience coupled with privacy, in the case of a booth.

Here at Café Solutions, we offer a choice of free-standing benches in a variety of styles. Our booth seat is a modern looking simple back bench with clean straight lines. With a stainless-steel frame and upholstered in black vinyl, it’s both stylish and practical. Sold as a commercial item of furniture, the construction and upholstery will withstand frequent use in the busiest of environments.

Restaurant back bench seats

Our booth seat has a practical design that allows your customers to relax in comfort and enjoy their dining experience. A back-bench booth seat is one of the most elegant styles of bench seats which is why it’s easy to see why our booth seat is so popular with cafes, restaurants, and bars.

Our booth seat is extremely versatile and can be placed back to back along interior walls as well as in single rows looking in one direction. Buying free-standing bench seats as opposed to fitted bench seating enables you to change your layout as and when you wish without having to make costly changes to the permanent layout of your dining area.

If booth seating isn’t your preferred choice of bench seats, then you might be interested in our replica Tolix bench seat.

This is a solid metal bench with a side-by-side open-back frame. The perfect seat for two, this replica Tolix bench features a varnished ash seat and a powder-coated steel frame. It has flared metal legs and a matte black finish epitomising cool. Perfect for use in industrial settings, our replica Tolix bench seats can be paired with communal tables for group dining.

This rugged bench seat also stacks for convenient storage, making it a good option if your storage space is limited. It’s a great addition for any café or bar and complements our replica Tolix stools and chairs perfectly.

Bench seats are great for a casual dining experience and lend themselves to hours of lively conversation and good food.

We stock a wide range of Tolix inspired furniture which you can view in more detail at our online store. Even better, should you wish to see our furniture options up close, then we have 3 showrooms in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney where you can come and take a look and check out the designs for yourself.