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Best Reasons To Purchase Isotop Table Tops

It can be tricky trying to find the right table tops for your cafe, bar, or bistro. Table tops come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, materials and colours, so making your choice can seem daunting. However, we believe that Isotop table tops offer the perfect solution for busy cafes since they are versatile, attractive, and affordable. Manufactured from a unique blend of plantation wood, resin, and wax and coated with laminate they have many factors which help create the ambience you’re looking for in varied layouts and spaces. Isotop table tops come in a variety of styles and colours which replicate the look of other materials such as wood, cement, and granite. These tabletops don’t require costly maintenance plus they’re resistant to elements such as beverages, food, and cutlery.

If you have a high footfall then Isotop table tops could work well for you. They resist high and low temperatures and pressure and are available in a wide choice of styles, so there’s sure to be one to suit your cafe. Here are just a few reasons to purchase Isotop table tops:

Easy maintenance

Isotop table tops minimise downtime since they’re so quick and easy to clean. All that’s required is a wipedown with a damp cloth and mild cleansing agent. Maintaining high levels of hygiene is essential in kitchens and dining areas, in particular the cooking surfaces and cafe table tops. Laminated surfaces make it easy to meet these requirements because they’re easy to clean and sanitise.

Designed to last

In cafes, tables undergo a lot of wear and tear and if they aren’t manufactured to be strong and durable they can need replacing earlier than you may have anticipated, costing you more money in the long run. Isotop laminated table top surfaces are resistant to heat and stains which can damage the surface of other materials. Because they’re carefully sealed all around the edges, it’s difficult for any water or liquids to permeate the table top.

Affordable prices

If you’re looking to get more for your buck then Isotop table tops are highly affordable when compared to other types of table tops manufactured from wood or granite. Purchasing some of these to go alongside more expensive options can help your budget go further. We also stock a wide range of Isotop styles and sizes, from timber look to cement, so there’s sure to be an option that fits in with your décor.

Variety of styles

Whether you’re looking for more options in regards to size, colour, shape, or texture Isotop tables offer all you could possibly need to decorate your cafe. They can enhance your dining space with their charm and bring elegance with options such as ‘alcantara black’, ‘rustic maple’, and ‘wenge’, to name just a few. With their rounded tables edges, they’re totally customer friendly too.

If you’rre looking to upgrade your cafe furniture then look no further an Isotop. Why not browse our online store to see our isotop tabe tops in more detail or drop by our showroom in Brndale to take a look first hand.

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