Black Bentwood Chairs – Modern or Rustic?

black bentwood chairs
Cross Back Black Resin Bentwood Chair With Rattan Seat

When it comes to black bentwood chairs you could be forgiven thinking that they’re primarily suited to a traditional style of interior. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

Bentwood chairs get their name from how they were constructed. Steam was used to soften the wood, usually a hardwood such as birch, and gently bend it into shape. Once dried, it would harden and retain its shape for several years.

It was Michael Thonet who discovered this innovative way of bending wood to make furniture back in the 1830s but it wasn’t until 1859 that the Thonet company had a major breakthrough with the creation of the No. 14 chair which became known as a Vienna Chair. This was later followed by the popular No 18 Bentwood chair which is widely seen in cafes and restaurants all over the world. Also known as the ‘Cabaret Chair’ it gained recognition when Lisa Minnelli danced around it provocatively in the Musical Cabaret.

While the history of these chairs dates back to the 19th century, 21st-century black bentwood chairs have been given a modern twist as can be seen by our No. 18 bentwood chair fashioned from powder-coated steel with a matte black finish.

This stunning chair is strong, yet lightweight, and works extremely well when grouped around a vintage timber table with a minimalist white backdrop.

An alternative No.18 replica black bentwood chair is the one we stock that is manufactured by Fameg in Poland – one of Thonet’s original factories. This is made from solid beechwood and painted black, very much like the original Thonet No. 18 chair.

Cross back bentwood chair

Another black bentwood chair which has been given modern styling is our cross-back chair. This is manufactured from strong, durable black polypropylene reinforced with steel rods. It features the curved back synonymous with bentwood and slender slightly splayed legs. The ‘X’ shaped backrest and the natural rattan seat add both contrast and texture to make this a stand out chair which again would work just as well in a contemporary setting as it does a more traditional environment.

Buy commercial chairs

When buying black bentwood chairs for your café or restaurant, do ensure that they are a commercial grade. While retail bentwood chairs may be cheaper, they’re not designed to withstand daily frequent use and will need replacing much sooner than a commercial chair.

With that said, why not head on over to our online store and browse all of our black bentwood chairs or, even better, why not drop by our showroom in Brisbane and try them out for yourself. We’d love to see you there.