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Black Chairs for All Tastes and Budgets

black chairs

If you’re considering black chairs for your café or restaurant then you really can’t go wrong. Black works well with almost all decors and depending on their style and material, they can be used in traditional and modern environments.

Here at Café Solutions, the majority of our chairs are available in black so finding a chair you like really shouldn’t be a problem. Our chairs are all manufactured to a commercial grade which means they’re able to withstand just about anything that is thrown at them. While residential chairs are cheaper, please don’t waste your money buying them for your cafe, as they are not designed to be used frequently on a daily basis and will need replacing just a few months down the line.

If you’ve been struggling to choose a colour for your dining chairs then black is always a good choice. Not only does black remain cleaner, but it also enables you to add bold splashes of colour by means of cushions and other accessories.

Below, you can see the details of two of our best-selling black chairs.

Replica Tolix Chair in Black

This industrial-styled chair takes its inspiration from the original Tolix chair first created in the late 1930s by Xavier Pauchard, a humble French steelworker. It’s made steel like the original and finished with a powder coating to protect and reduce marking. To make it more comfortable for longer periods of sitting, it has been given a padded PV seat cushion. A timeless design, such as this, will never go out of fashion, and you can easily change the look of your café simply by swapping out your accessories. Not only are these black chairs strong and lightweight, but they also stack for convenient storage.

Rhiannon Chair in Black

For those of you who like modern styles, this one is for you. The Rhiannon chair is manufactured from polypropylene and has an attractive woven design which adds texture to the chair. Made using the latest injection mould technology, its super strong, and designed for outdoor use. This chair is weatherproof, and UV treated, which helps prevent it from fading in the sunshine. It’s also lightweight and easy to move around and can also be stacked.

If you like what you see, then why not head over to our online store and browse our complete collection of café furniture. Better still, if you’re in the area why not drop by our Brisbane showroom to see our pieces up close.