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Buy Outdoor Cafe Furniture – Helpful Tips

buy outdoor cafe furniture

When you’re looking to buy outdoor cafe furniture you naturally want a balance of quality, durability, affordability, and ability to withstand the harsh Australian climate. With so much outdoor furniture to choose from, a new buyer can feel intimidated. We’ve put together a few tips for you to consider when you buy outdoor cafe furniture which will hopefully help you buy with confidence.

How to buy outdoor cafe furniture – Top tips

To start narrowing down your search you need to decide certain factors. These include:


Wood – Wood has long been a popular choice for outdoor patio furniture for its natural appearance. Teak, in particular is highly sought after because it contains natural oils, repels water and is sufficiently durable for all year outdoor use.   

Stainless steel – This is another excellent choice if you’re looking to buy outdoor cafe furniture that is heavy duty. Not only is it rust resistant, but it can withstand extreme temperatures. Its weight also makes it less likely to topple over when it is fully loaded or get blown over by a heavy gust of wind.

Aluminium – Because of its light weight, aluminium makes a good choice for cafes as aluminium cafe furniture can be easily moved around to meet the demands of customers. It is strong and long lasting and needn’t cost a fortune. Powder coating also adds visual interest and helps protect against marks and scratches.

Polypropylene – Cutting edge technologies make polypropylene chairs far more exciting than they were in the past. There are hundreds of styles to choose from and almost as many colours. Lightweight and stackable, they are also UV protected and easy to clean by hosing down with water.

Metal – Wrought iron is one of the oldest materials used to make furniture. It is extremely strong and durable but also extremely heavy which makes it difficult to move around with ease. It is liable to rust (although it can be painted) and can be uncomfortable to sit on without a cushion.

Cleaning and care

Now you’re aware of the materials available, your next consideration should be cleaning and care. While you only need to buy outdoor cafe furniture once, it will require ongoing cleaning and maintenance to help it last longer. If you don’t have time for frequent care, then low maintenance materials such as polypropylene, teak, stainless steel aluminium may be your best choice.


Nowadays many customers will appreciate your choice of eco-friendly materials. Going ‘green’ is a wise decision and thankfully many manufacturers are using recyclable or biodegradable materials such as steel.


The weight of your outdoor furniture is another important consideration since it may need to be moved around regularly to meet the demands of customers arriving in groups. Many cafes are required to store their furniture under cover when they close at the end of the day and set it all up again in the morning, so stackable lightweight furniture may be a good choice if this applies to you.

Rain and moisture

The biggest cause of damage to outdoor furniture is rain and moisture. If your area suffers from humidity or you get a fair bit of rain, you need to ensure your furniture has some protection.

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion is another element that affects outdoor cafe furniture. Untreated wrought iron becomes rusty when it’s left outdoors in humid or wet conditions. This weakens it and makes it look unsightly. Aluminium is anti-corrosive and offers a great option for cafe owners wanting to buy sleek and stylish outdoor cafe furniture.

UV resistance

The effects of the sun can damage furniture made from natural materials such as wicker. If you love the thought of wicker style chairs then PE wicker provides similar artisan aesthetics and is lightweight and resistant to the sun’s rays.

The takeway

If you want to buy outdoor cafe furniture it all boils down to your preference, budget, climate and requirements. By bearing the above tips in mind, you should be able to find the perfect outdoor cafe furniture for your establishment.  

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