Buying Bar Tables – 4 Key Factors to Consider

Before buying bar tables there are a few points you need to consider. We’ve put together a quick commercial furniture guide to ensure you choose your bar tables wisely.

buying bar tables

Bar tables are a major investment for your business so it’s important to ensure that you give your purchase careful consideration in order to get bar tables that not only look good but will last for many years to come. Cafe Solutions has a great range of commercial bar furniture to make it easy for you to select the perfect bar tables and matching chairs or stools.

Before rushing in and buying bar tables, you need to think about the following things:

  • Height of your bar table
  • Shape of the table
  • Finish of the bar table
  • Durability 

Getting the right height for your bar table

Our extensive range of bar tables, chairs, and stools are all standardised which means that any combination of chair and table or high bar table and tall stools will work seamlessly.

However, if you’re looking to buy bar tables to go with existing chairs or stools then it’s important to get the right height so that stools or chairs will tuck away neatly beneath the table when not in use and to allow sufficient leg room for customers.

In addition, when you’re buying bar stools you need to check that they’re the right height for your counter as well as for any poseur tables you may have. Again, our tall stools are designed to work with standard height bar tables.

Buying bar tables – what shape is best?

Square or rectangular table tops are a popular option because they can be pushed together to comfortably seat larger groups. That said, small round tables offer good contrast and can be used with stools to good effect in corners to maximise your floor space and other areas that you might struggle to fit in standard tables and chairs. Our Istotop table tops come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and finishes so you can easily keep your theme flowing throughout your venue with a variety of table options.

Perfect the look with a quality finish

Wooden bar tables are the choice of many bar and cafe owners since they look great and are easy to maintain too. Our Isotop tables come in several wood finishes from Maple to Walnut and Choco Oak so ultimately your decision will be based on whether you’re after a warm cosy feel or a light modern aesthetic.

Buying bar tables for durability

No matter what style you opt for, it’s important to choose a bar table that can withstand constant use by people who may not treat it as well as they do their table at home. Commercial tables are a must since they are designed to withstand frequent spillages and kicks. We also provide a wide range of table bases to keep your bar tables looking their best year after year.

So now you know what to consider when buying bar tables why not browse our online store or, better still, visit our showroom in Brisbane to check the quality for yourself.