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Cafe Furniture – 3 Great Reasons To Go Industrial?

industrial style cafe With its contemporary utilitarian appeal and raw edginess it’s no wonder that more and more cafe’s restaurants and bistro’s are going for that industrial look. Bizarrely there was a time when ‘industrial’ wasn’t even a style – instead it was simply just a fact of workday life! However somewhere along the way, we really began to appreciate the look. From it’s strong visual appeal and lack of pretension, it’s become a trend that shows no signs of abating. If you’re looking to change your cafe interior or alternatively are opening a new bistro and want it to become the ‘go to’ place, then here are some great reasons why you might want to go industrial.

It’s affordable

The industrial look is an affordable style that anyone with a little imagination can pull off. Because the majority of furniture, fixtures, and fittings embraces the use of humble materials, it can be as affordable as you want it to be. You can of course pay a lot of money for modern interpretations of industrial furniture, however if you stick to reclamation yards, old industrial factories that have recently closed down, or companies that specialise in selling this type of stock, then you really don’t have to spend large swathes of cash to get the look you want.

It’s durable

There’s a hard-working, proletarian quality to industrial furniture and in the true sense of the phrase that’s exactly what it’s all about. Aluminium, heavy-duty stainless steel and impregnable cast iron are extremely durable and are all fair game when it comes to industrial fittings and furnishings. In fact any material that can be either forged or welded will make for a good industrial look and one that is going to be built to last.

It saves time

Creating the right industrial look is all about embracing rawness. Don’t go covering brickwork with plaster or hide pipe work beneath a false ceiling. In fact unfinished walls work particularly well as do exposed beams. As a result the look you want can be finished quickly and well on budget, leaving you time to get the fittings and furnishings right.

Aside from the fact that the industrial look is something that’s set to remain ‘on trend’ for the foreseeable future, it’s a style that matches perfectly with any commercially busy environment. Here at Cafe Solutions we have a wide range of industrial furniture in stock at seriously competitive prices. From lighting and tables, through to chairs and even drum stools we can help you achieve the look you need. Contact us today on 07 3205 1616 to see just what we can do for you.


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