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Cafe Furniture – Is Your Cafe Layout Profitable?

cafe furniture layoutWhen it comes to choosing café furniture for your establishment then it’s not just about choosing what takes your eye but more about selecting furniture which maximises your space and ultimately increases your profits. This can be a daunting task, especially if this is your first venture, but it’s vital for the success of your business. Each and every choice you make when designing needs your café needs to be based on economics and in the case of your café layout it’s all about using your space economically.

Know your space and its limitations

The problem with space for any sort of business is that there’s only so much of it. You need to be aware of just how much space you have and how that is arranged. Consider all of the fixed structures and where the doors are, before settling on the space that is available for café tables and chairs, stools and counters. Once you know that space and have the measurements you can begin to look at furniture to fit. Remember to allow for space to move between tables, to access the toilets, and for any emergency exits.

Utilise all the space

Many cafés fail to utilise all of their space while others do it perfectly. Corners are always difficult to utilise well. Some owners place large tables in the corners with wrap around seating which avoids putting tables together for large groups. Others just use normal tables and waste valuable space. Another problem is that of lone diners taking up a table to themselves which could seat a family of four. Some café owners get round this issue by providing counters with stools beneath which people dining alone are happy to use. Others use small tables such as our 600mm x 600mm café tables which sat two people and make the most of limited space.

Choosing furniture wisely

This can be easier said than done but you need to choose furniture which gives you the best options for your café. If you plan on having large groups of diners then you’ll need several large tables or tables that can be easily pushed together. Remember chairs without arms will take up less space around a table too. Don’t forget to check the measurements of your furniture as different profiles can take up varying amounts of space. You need your chairs to be comfortable but you also want to get as many chairs as possible into your layout without people feeling cramped. The money you make is going to come from the people you can serve at any one time.

Cafe furniture is an important decision if your business is to thrive. The right furniture can make your business take off and the wrong furniture can prevent it from reaching its full potential. We’ve got a wide choice of café furniture in different sizes, finishes and colours. So whatever your space, we’ve got it covered.

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