Cafe Solutions – Choosing The Right Colours To Support Your Message

Many café/restaurant/bistro owners are looking to develop a theme or deliver a certain message to their customers when re-designing a premises. However in some cases that message gets lost in translation when choosing the right colour scheme. The problem is that the use of colour can often be over complicated and some tend to over think it and even treat it as a complicated science. However, the reality is that it only requires a small sense of how colours work in order to make your environment work for you. With this in mind, here are some simple rules that you may want to follow.

Soft cool colours

Any premises decorated in soft cool hues such as blue based colours, lavenders, creams and shades of light grey will give off a calming soothing aura and a touch of understated elegance. Guests should feel at ease and relaxed when entering this environment and light grey tabletops with stainless steel or chrome bases are the perfect accompaniment to this look.

Bright and funky

If you want your café/bar/restaurant to give your clientèle that feel-good factor when they walk in then go for bright and funky. Decadent rich colours like deep purples, burnt oranges, rich chocolate and crimson red should stimulate and inspire. However, one important rule here is it’s very easy to overdo the colour. Instead this theme works best using accent colours in the form of chairs, table tops, cushions, or place settings. How about painting an accent wall particularly in a recess to showcase the use of space.

Warm and rich

Sumptuous rich colours such as chocolate brown and terracotta give off a warming feel that’s chic, upmarket and indeed welcoming. Rich dark wood tabletops and chocolate coloured chairs will make people feel like they are being indulged, both physically and mentally. Combine this with accent colours of yellow which gives off a cheerful happy feel and you’ll have a look that really works.


If you want to portray a peaceful and natural look then how about shades of green. The eye tends to focus on green only on the retina and as a result it’s the most naturally pleasing colour to the eye. However variations of green in accent colour form work best for a tranquil oasis-like feel, so try using different shades such as sage and olive greens.

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