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Cafe Table Bases For Every Situation

Choosing a table base is almost as important as choosing the table tops for your cafe. Your choice will depend on the size, shape, and weight of your table as well as your floor space, whether or not you want a permanent solution, and of course, aesthetics.

At Cafe Chairs Sydney we stock a wide range of table bases to please the most discerning of customers and to suit all eventualities. We’ve put together a list of 6 our most popular table bases but do check out our store as there are plenty more bases to choose from.


Bolt in Stainless Steel Base

If you’re tired of customers taking it upon themselves to rearrange your tables as they see fit, then you might want to consider our bolt in stainless steel table bases. Boasting a sleek modern aesthetic these stylish table bases literally bolt into the floor so that your tables become a permanent fixture. They’re ideal for smaller dining areas since they take up less room than a table base with legs and they also offer more room for wheelchair users. They’re also ideally suited to outdoor use since they won’t rust or corrode and since stainless steel is highly recyclable, they also offer an eco-friendly solution to your table base needs.

Circular stainless steel base

Offering an equally modern contemporary look to your tables, this version has a large circular base and fits easily to most table tops using a cross bracket. Ideally suited to round table tops.

Flat Technology Bondi Aluminium Table

Just one of several designs, our FLAT technology table bases offer the perfect solution to wobbly tables. The innovative FLAT technology is concealed inside the legs of the table base and is automatically activated any time that the table is moved. They work to level the table on an uneven surface and then lock into position, banishing wobbly tables forever. They also enable you to align tables together quickly and effectively.

Manhattan Aluminum Table Base

One of our favourites, the Manhattan table base has been powder coated in matte black to give this table base it’s stylish appeal. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it looks like wrought iron except that this base is lightweight and easy to move around. With its curved legs and shaped feet, it works well with most styles of table top.

Paris table base

Oozing with charm this eye-catching table base is manufactured from cast iron and heavy to move. It features a decorative central pole which fixes into an ornate base and will totally transform a plain table top.

Sophie foldable table base

Form and function are the key factors of the Sophie table base. This elegant table base features a folding top which saves space when storage is tight together with space-saving interlocking feet. Available with a black or silver finish, it fits easily to most table tops and shapes using a cross bracket.

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