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Comfortable Bar Stools For Your Customers

Seating options, including cafe bar stools, can play an important role in determining how your business thrives and grows to be successful. How does cafe seating contribute to your cafe’s success? Quite simply, if your customers are sitting comfortably they’re more likely to stay for longer and order another coffee or some food. Naturally, you want your customers to stay longer and spend more to increase your revenue and profits. Customers who have had a good experience are also more likely to recommend your cafe to their friends and post good reviews on social media.

Points to consider when choosing your bar stools

There are so many different styles of bar stools out there that it’s important to set some parameters and narrow down your choice rather than ordering the first stools that catch your eye. Decide on the budget for each stool, a style that matches the ambience of your cafe, and how much space you have available for stools. Once you’ve decided these things you’re ready to start shopping for bar stools. It’s important to consider the amount of wear and tear your stools will be subjected to. You also need to consider that stools to be used outdoors will need to be able to weather the elements whereas indoors stools are likely to be in continual use.

Prices of bar stools vary depending on their size and what they’re made from. Plastic stools are usually the cheapest and make a great option for outdoor use. Aluminium or metal bar stools can also be used outdoors in most cases and being lightweight are easy to stack and store. If you prefer wood for your stools then think about choosing teak stools which have been primed for outdoor use.

No limits

If you’re buying indoor stools then you’ll find there are no limits apart from making sure your stools are designed for commercial use. There is a good variety in a wide range of styles and prices to suit all budgets. You might want to consider metal stools, for example, and these are often manufactured with wooden seats or upholstered vinyl seats which provide more comfort for your customers and are easy to wipe clean. If you like a classic look, then Bentwood stools with their curvaceous lines are very popular One of our favourites is the Cross Back Bentwood stool in natural timber which looks elegant and stylish. Another popular choice is our ladder back stools which come in a variety of wood and seat options. If you’re looking to inject some colour into a bland landscape, then how about Tolix stools? These come in a multitude of vibrant colours and rich metallic shades.

The only mistake you can make when buying cafe bar stools is choosing ones that don’t look right in your space or that broke your budget. If you stick to your budget and consider your cafe’s theme, your cafe will look amazing with the stools that you’ve chosen. In no time at all you’ll have happy, comfortable customers who keep coming back for more and helping you to make money.

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