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Commercial Cafe Furniture – Why Buy Factory Seconds?

factory secondsWhether you’re looking to upgrade your existing cafe furniture or kit out a new premises from scratch, one of the biggest expenses will undoubtedly be your cafe furniture. Costs can easily run into thousands of dollars and that’s before you add on all the other expenses such as décor, soft furnishings, crockery, cutlery, and glassware. For this reason not only is it a big expense, it’s a huge gamble. One way to minimise the gamble and the initial outlay is to opt for factory seconds.

While this might not be to everyone’s taste the fact remains that factory seconds are an affordable way of purchasing great quality, commercial grade cafe furniture at knock down prices. So just how ‘knock down’ can they be? In some cases as much as 70% off the original asking price which when you think about it – especially if you’re purchasing multiple tables and chairs – is a massive saving.

So what exactly are you getting for your money?

Okay‘ I hear you say, “That’s all well and good, but if the furniture isn’t up to the job or is damaged then I’m going to be replacing it anyway in a few months, so isn’t this false economy?” In a word no, and here’s why…

Manufacturers of quality cafe furniture have strict standards and sometimes when the furniture is made it doesn’t always meet these requirements. More often than not the issue might be a tiny blemish or mark on the furniture itself, so when products are listed as factory seconds, in many cases all that appears different from the items sold for top dollar is a slight inconsistency in look or design.

So what does this mean for you?

Firstly manufacturers aren’t allowed to sell furniture that doesn’t comply with structural standards so although there might be some slight blemishes or marks, the furniture in question will be as solid and as durable as the top dollar furniture. As a result the longevity factor of factory seconds shouldn’t really be an issue.

What about the actual look?

If you’re looking for a crisp clean finish with pristine styling, then it’s understandable that factory seconds probably won’t fit into your overall idea. However if you’re going for the rustic, shabby chic or distressed look then a few blemishes or marks on your cafe furniture can even enhance your design. Alternatively how about a fine balance of pristine walls and flooring paired with slightly blemished furniture. If you style it right, then it really can make for an impressive look, and what’s more you’ve achieved it at the fraction of the cost.

So where do you look for factory seconds?

Many cafe furniture wholesalers will offer factory seconds for sale in addition to their premium ranges. In addition, simply do a Google search for ‘Factory seconds in (insert area here)’ and see what comes up. Many places will have showrooms where you can take a look first hand before you part with your cash.

The bottom line is that purchasing cafe furniture factory seconds doesn’t mean that you’re buying second rate furniture and can man that you have more money to spend on other areas of your business to keep your customers happy.

At Cafe Solutions we often have ‘Deals Of The Day’ which may include factory seconds so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled in order to bag yourself a great bargain. To find out more about what we offer contact us on 07 3205 1616

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