Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Cafe Furniture

We’ve been one of the leading suppliers of cafe furniture for several years and have helped to furnish cafes and bars all over Brisbane. In fact it’s fair to say that we have bucket loads of experience when it comes to cafe furniture.

For those of you that are new to buying cafe or bar furniture there are a few common mistakes which can be made. To help you avoid these, we’ve put together a few tips that we’ve gained from our experience within the industry.

Make some plans

Buying cafe furniture should involve more than visiting our website and purchasing whatever number of tables and chairs you think you’re going to need. We’d advise you to spend as much time as you can planning your cafe before choosing your furniture. To make the right choices you need to consider the amount of space you have to work with, the amount of furniture you’ll need, and how it will affect the flow of your dining space. Other factors to consider include your budget, the durability of the furniture, and whether or not the furniture will fit into the theme or décor of your cafe.

Spatial awareness

Overcrowding is a common mistake in cafes. Owners try and cram in a few more tables and chairs so they can serve more people, when space is already limited. The result is a cafe that looks cluttered, is difficult to move around in, and which makes customers feel as if they have absolutely no privacy and very little comfort.

Measuring up

Measure your dining space with care, and then measure it again. There’s nothing worse than setting up your tables and chairs only to discover that you’ve ordered too many or that the tables you were hoping to fit into the corner of your room are too large.

Instead take a note of the dimensions of the furniture you’re interested in and then sketch out a floor plan for different layouts until you find the one that makes the best of your space.

Consider your customers

The space might work for you but what about your customers? Are you the type of cafe that encourages customers to linger for longer by supplying newspapers and magazines to flick through while they’re eating and drinking? Or do you expect your customers to grab a quick coffee and leave as soon as they’ve drunk it? Depending on the needs of your customers will to some extent affect your choice of furniture ie. do you go all out for comfort with tub chairs and/or booth seating or do you opt for more traditional table and chair sets. The comfort factor of your seating should reflect on how long you want your customers to stay.

Buying cafe furniture

All cafes and bars will have different requirements and needs depending on how they’re looking to appear to their customers. Whatever space you’re working with it’s nearly always possible to achieve the ambienence you’re seeking by way of the smaller details and design elements.

Whatever cafe interior you’re trying to create Cafe Solutions can assist. We stock a wide range of cafe tables, chairs, and bar stools in a variety of materials, colours, and sizes, so there really is something for every taste and budget.

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