Crossback dining chairs – Just what your café needs!

crossback dining chairsWelcome to Café Solutions where we have a good selection of high-quality, commercial-grade, crossback dining chairs for you to browse and buy.

Crossback dining chairs are in fact a reincarnation of the iconic Bentwood chair that to this day is so synonymous with classic French styling. Yet originally – Back in the 1830s, they were actually more at home in the coffee houses of Vienna because they were invented not by a Frenchman but by a German-Austrian cabinet maker called Michael Thonet.

Thonet developed a technique for steaming and bending solid wood to create simple yet sturdy furniture with few pieces of wood. The result was a simple but beautiful chair that could be assembled quickly and sold cheaply. Our crossback versions still carry the essence of the original Bentwood design so they pay homage to Thonet’s iconic No. 14 and No. 18 chairs but a simple cross back has been added for extra support and comfort.

Nowadays, the original ash and beechwood have been replaced by other woods such as walnut seating and tubular steel which is more in keeping with the rigours of a bustling café, bistro or restaurant, but don’t let that put you off from their elegantly understated, but equally stylish look.

Why buy crossback dining chairs?

Because they are unfussy, these dining chairs have the ability to fit into a wide variety of styles, themes, and décors. For that sleek minimalist look, for example, our resin crossback chair in white ticks all the right boxes. How about our fabulous gun-metal crossback dining chairs with rich walnut seating for a sophisticated take on an industrial design. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a dramatic monochrome effect, then pair our jet black crossback dining chairs with sleek white Isotop tables and watch the reaction.

Why buy online at Café Solutions

When you buy Crossback dining chairs from Café Solutions we guarantee all our chairs are of the highest quality commercial grade. This means that they have been thoroughly tested to withstand the wear and tear of a busy restaurant or café. They don’t warp, rust or fade and they are easily maintained – a simple wipe down with a cloth is all it takes. A great accompaniment for a wide variety of tables, our Bentwood crossback dining chairs represent real value for money.

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