Discover Café Interior Trends for 2020

We’re all so busy nowadays, practically conducting our lives on the run. Visiting a café usually means grabbing a coffee to drink quickly or to take away. So, maybe you’re wondering how you can encourage your customers to stay at your venue and fully experience your brand.

Well, if the predicted trends for 2020 are to be believed, it’s all about creating inspiring or engaging moments.

Take a moment to think about how we consumed coffee just a decade ago. It was typically a process that was led by brand awareness and quickly followed by brand loyalty. We used to spend time visiting various venues and good coffee and food was typically the major factor in customer retention.

When comfy sofas, delicious food, and a Wi-Fi connection are no longer enough, engaging experiences in your café could make all the difference. We’re not going to lie – earning your customers’ business will require some effort on your part. But designing a social hub which digital consumers can frequent and immerse themselves in Instagram and Pinterest moments, check-ins and other types of social shares, will keep the conversation flowing around your brand, while gradually, strengthening their love for your brand. So what are the design trends to consider for 2020?

Be playful

Playful elements such as quirky lights or randomly shaped cushions add character to any space while you can use pastel shades to create an atmosphere that feels relaxed. Use anything which adds fun to the background or as a central focus, and people will start to come in to take Instagram worthy photos at your café.

Try using a rich deep colour such as blue or cinnamon on your walls to enhance pale coloured furniture. Mix and match textures and shapes such as metal bar stools with round cushioned seats or black marble counters with wood-grained wallpaper and copper sconces to turn your café into the perfect spot for a coffee and a quick selfie.

Mixed-use café interiors

Integrating two or more activities in the same space can also add great value to any coffee shop or café.

If your café is located in an area known for its local artisans, then why not create a space where the creatives can get together to enjoy a coffee, design together, and share ideas.

This could be achieved by zoning different areas using blocks of colour for various activities. Try using a mix of dark colours, gold tones and pastel shades, to include a coffee bar, boutique shop, and an artisan’s workshop, for example.

Understanding your customer environment is key to getting your customers to stay longer and enjoy your brand and win some new business. By knowing their habits, what they like to do, and how they interact with your brand is essential to transforming your café into a brand experience that everyone wants a part of.

Today, customers respond to brands who have similar values to theirs. Perhaps you could express your commitment to sustainability through your café by using sustainable materials for your furniture, cups, packaging etc. This shows your commitment and helps you connect instantly with your customers.