Discover Isotop Table Tops

Whether you’re in the process of setting up a new café or you’ve decided to revamp an existing one with some new café furniture, chances are you could be looking for café table tops.

Café Solutions provides a great selection of Isotop table tops that come in a variety of sizes, styles, and patterns, many of which mimic natural materials such as wood, granite, and marble.

Since table tops make up a large part of any café’s seating area and are one of the first things that customers notice when walking through your doors, it’s important to make the right choice.

What makes our Isotop table tops so popular?

Food safety

The main reason is that properly finished and sealed table tops offer food safe surfaces and for cafes and restaurants, food safety is a way of life. To ensure customers are receiving food that has not been contaminated in any way, responsible café and restaurant owners follow strict food safety guidelines.

Washing hands, scrubbing work surfaces, and sanitising can be done easily. Maintenance of Isotop table tops is easy since any liquid spills and food debris can quickly be wiped away using little more than a damp cloth and mild cleansing agent, following by a sanitising spray.


Isotop table tops are manufactured using a combination of plantation wood chip, resin and wax which are moulded together under high pressure and temperature and finished with a laminate surface for added durability.

This tough outer coating can withstand scratches from sharp cutlery as well as high temperatures from dishes that have come straight from the oven. With smooth sealed edges, any spills or moisture are prevented from getting in beneath the laminate and causing the wood to rot.

What’s more, Isotop table tops are UV treated so that they can be left out in the hot Australian sun and won’t fade, warp, or crack, unlike wood which may split, crack, and fade in similar conditions.


Just like any other business, your café or restaurant needs to be Instagram friendly, since customers love to share pictures of venues they feel are attractive and worth a visit.

Our Isotop tables are available in a wide variety of gorgeous designs from the warm rustic appearance of Shesman timber to the deep richness of Choco Oak and contemporary Alcantara black marble finishes.

Available in both circular and square designs as well as larger tables for groups, all of our Isotop table tops are easy to match to most decors and fit in with many themes to create a dining area that is welcoming and attractive.

We understand that your final decision may depend on price, but the good news is that for the month of July, our already reasonably priced Isotop table tops have a further 15% off their normal retail price, so you’d better hurry.

If you’d rather not buy online then why not drop by our showroom and see the quality of our Isotop table tops for yourself.