Dry Bar Tables – All You Need To Know

Dry bar tables are one of our best selling items yet some people aren’t totally sure what they should use them for and where to place them in their establishment, so we’ve put together a short guide to help.

What exactly is a dry bar table?

Dry bar tables, often known as Poseur Tables in the UK, are commonly used in cafes and bars and their most discerning feature is their height. They’re typically too high to be used with standard cafe chairs but perfect for use with tall bar stools which makes them an ideal place to rest your drink, with or without being seated.

Where are dry bar tables placed?

In a bar or pub, dry bar tables are often placed near the bar itself as a place to put your newly poured drink. In cafes, they’re often placed near windows where they help to create a lively atmosphere or in a small corner where they can create a more intimate ambience.

What types of dry bar table can I buy?

There are several types of dry bar table to choose from depending on the style of your venue. For instance, a wooden bar table is popular for creating a look that is traditional or homely whereas a chrome dry bar table creates more of a contemporary feel.

What are other types of materials used for dry bar tables?

Typically dry bar table tops can be matched with a variety of dry bar table bases to create a look that’s right for your cafe or bar. Often these designs can be matched with wooden table tops, a variety of laminates in all colours and patterns, and chrome. Typically you could choose from an aluminium base with either a silver or black finish and combine it with the table top of your choice be it marble for a classic look or cement for an industrial feel.

You may also want to determine your tabletop and base choices based on where you intend to use your dry bar tables. If they’re for outside use remember that while cast iron looks wonderful, it’s very heavy to move around, so aluminium which is lighter and also water resistant may be a better choice.

Benefits of dry bar tables

  • Help maximise floor space since they can be used with or without stools

  • Can be used as a focal point

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Add interest with their height

At Cafe Solutions, we offer a selection of dry bar table bases and tops which can be mixed and matched to suit your décor. Why not browse our online store or visit our showroom to see them for yourself?

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