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Dry Bar Tables – FAQ’s

Dry bar tables are a useful addition for any bar, cafe, or bistro, but not everyone knows what they are exactly and how to use them. We’ve put together some answers to the most common questions that we’re asked about these tables which we hope you’ll find useful. So, here goes…..

What is a dry bar table exactly?

Referred to in the cafe industry as a dry bar table but often referred to in restaurants as a ‘poseur’ table, the main characteristic of this particular table is its height. Too tall for use with standard chairs, a dry bar table can be paired with tall bar stools and becomes a handy place to rest a drink, whether you’re seated or not.

Where are they used?

They’re commonly found near the bar in a restaurant where they’re used as an extension of the bar and serve as a place to rest your drink. In cafes they’re often placed near windows to present an intimate but busy atmosphere.

What types are available to buy?

There are several types to choose from depending on what suits your décor or theme. For example wooden dry bar tables are popular for portraying a homely, traditional feel whereas chrome dry bar tables, give a sleek modern aesthetic.

What sort of wooden dry bar tables are there?

Wooden tables can add a touch of luxury, style, and class to a cafe or bar, as well as a feeling of homeliness. Whether traditional, chic, or shabby, dry bar tables types include:

  • Square

  • Round

  • Rectangular

  • Single wood

  • Combination wood and

  • Twin dry bar tables

What other materials can I find dry bar tables made from?

There are many types of materials used for dry bar tables which make them look contemporary, classic, or just different from the rest. Some common examples include cast iron, aluminium, chrome, and steel.

There are also benefits to be had from using different materials. For example an aluminium dry bar table is perfect for outdoor use because it’s waterproof and doesn’t corrode. On the other hand, cast iron is great indoors because it offers good stability and won’t get knocked over in a busy area.

What style of bases are available for dry bar tables?

Stores that have a particular interest in poseur or dry bar tables tend to stock a variety of bases so that a business can choose the one that fits in with the look they’re trying to achieve. Styles of poseur bases include:

  • Art deco

  • Aluminium

  • Chrome

  • Disc

  • Decorative cast iron

Where can I buy dry bar tables for cafes?

At Cafe Chairs Sydney we currently have a choice of 6 dry bar table tops and bases with 4 different styles of bases to choose from. Why not browse our online store or visit our showroom to view a wider collection of tables, chairs, and stools?

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