Enhance Your Cafe Look And Invest In A Tub Chair Or Two!

If you envisage a tub chair to be something that’s old fashioned and antiquated then you may be right. Well they were the haunt of many a Victorian Gentleman’s Club after all! However the principle of a sweeping curved shape that supports both the back and the arms and hugs the body of the occupant is a really good one, and ultimately one that works. In that there’s no denying. It’s for this reason that the tub chair remains popular. Except nowadays, gone are the rich green or red leather coverings and shiny brass stud-work in favour of newer, more practical materials such as PU leather.

With this in mind, the addition of the odd tub chair or two can really make a difference to your cafe. If you don’t believe me, then here are several more reasons why a tub chair really is a good addition.

Comfort, comfort, comfort

The importance of comfortable cafe furniture cannot be under-estimated. In fact these days it’s just as important as the coffee you serve or the friendliness of your waiting staff. As already stated the tub chair stems from a design that works. It’s large enough to support the body, and there’s nothing better than sinking down into a tub chair with a cup of your favourite coffee after a long day at work. In essence it provides the ultimate comfort and for this reason alone it should get your vote

Wasted space? Not on this chair!

If space is relatively tight and you’re looking to maximise your floor space, you want a chair that’s both comfortable (see above point) and doesn’t take up too much space. Generally speaking arm-chairs are…. well…all arms and for this reason they can utilise a lot of space. Conversely tub chairs are still armchairs for that touch of luxury, but their compact style means that the tub chair is practical too.

Strength and Beauty – well I never!

As tub chairs are effectively once piece of wood on legs, it’s fair to say that they’re pretty robust. However if you ensure that you buy a commercial-grade chair (one that’s made especially for commercial cafe use) then it’s going to withstand pretty virtually anything you can throw at it; ultimately making it a chair that you only have to buy once, as it’s built to last. Strength, comfort and beauty. Who’d have thought it?

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to sit at a cafe table and if you don’t have the space for large armchairs or ‘Central Park‘ style sofa’s then the tub chair makes for a superb alternative. Here at Cafe Solutions we have some great deals on commercial-grade tub chairs so why not contact us on 07 3205 1616 and talk to our experienced team about our wide range of cafe furniture. Alternatively you can simply log on and see for yourself, or if you’re passing the Brendale area, why not pop into our showroom.

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