Enhance Your Cafe Styling With Ottoman Chic

Ottoman’s certainly aren’t a stranger to the world of design and were first brought to Europe by the Ottoman empire in the mid to late 18th century. They come in many different shapes, styles and guises but they are in effect a piece of furniture containing no back, arms or legs that can be used for seating. Some have wheels or small castors for ease of movement and some contain an upholstered or padded seating and others, a simple bench. Despite their usefulness in the home, café’s are now beginning to embrace the humble Ottoman because of their versatility. At the same time they can also bring about a sense of understated sophistication, so without further ado, here are some examples of just how you can use them to great effect.

Stow-away seating

Ottomans make for great stow away seating. They’re ideal for busy café’s where space is at a premium. Try slotting them into awkward corners or spaces or around tables where there may not be the room to fit standard seating. In addition because of their low height they’d make great seating for children.

Perfect casual look

If you’re going for a casual look complete with lounge chairs and sofas, then the ottoman would be a perfect accompaniment to this. Why not group them around a low coffee table for total relaxed seating or alternatively use them as footstools for that laid-back look.

Great small tables

One of the biggest assets of an ottoman is that many are dual purpose. They can obviously be used to sit on, but how about using them as occasional tables? For best effect why not place them at the ends of sofa’s so that customers are able to put their drinks down within easy reach. Or alternatively use then as extensions to traditional tables where space is limited to put condiments and cutlery.

Design enhancers

Ottomans can certainly add a touch of panache to practically any style. You can drape yours with stylish fabric to fit in with your design, or you can can add some bright coloured cushions to give then a funky feel. How about placing classy ivory ottomans around jet black tables to give a timeless classic look? Whatever you decide ottomans are incredibly versatile and practical to boot.

Here at Cafe Solutions we have a stylish range of Ottomans in stock so why not purchase yours and inject some Ottoman chic into your café.

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