Everything You Need To Know About Cafe Booth Seating

cafe booth seatingThere’s no getting away from the fact that all over Australia and beyond more and more café’s are being opened. That said it’s also a sad fact that for every cafe that opens its doors another will pour its last espresso. This is the harsh reality of life in the industry. It stands to reason therefore that any cafe opening its doors for the first time should be looking to create a great impression on the paying public. The good news is that you can create that all important wow factor quite easily with a touch of mood lighting and some booth seating.

So why booth seating?

Firstly booth seating can bring a touch of warmth and privacy to your establishment that can’t be fulfilled by standard cafe tables and chairs. Whether your clientele is a group of friends or a couple looking to spend quality time together, booth seating is popular as it automatically creates an environment whereby guests can relax and enjoy their coffee in an intimate setting.

Secondly booth seating is perfect for those awkward spaces such as recesses or corners, meaning you can maximise your space fully. After all, who wouldn’t want to squeeze another 6 or 8 people in with relative comfort where a standard table wouldn’t go.

Thirdly, booth seating creates an illusion of a larger floor area making your establishment appear bigger than it probably is. Nobody likes to feel hemmed in, so it’s a great illusion to have. Speaking of space, booth seating also makes it easier for employees to navigate around and serve people, therefore in most cases, customers can be served quicker.

Finally and probably most importantly, despite their higher initial cost, dollar for dollar, booth seating actually provides some of the most space-efficient and therefore cost-effective layouts that you can have.

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