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Exploring 3 Great Advantages Of Chrome Bar Stools

Tolix bar stoolSince the emergence of chrome bar stools which first appeared in American roadside diners back in the 1950’s, the chrome bar stool has been a constant classic in furniture design. Its distinctive striking look and sleek polished finish means that the chrome bar stool makes a statement wherever it’s placed. Whether that’s a retro 1950’s diner or an upmarket contemporary cafe bar, chrome stools really do create a great ambience of their own.

Nowadays most modern bar stools if not crafted from wood will be fashioned from stainless steel chrome, but have you ever thought why? Let’s take a closer look.

Maintain strength and rigidity

Of course the first thing you notice about any chrome bar stool is that they maintain both their strength and rigidity while retaining their light weight. This means that they’re the ideal solution for any busy cafe, bar, or restaurant that continues to have high levels of customer use.

Flexible usage

Many wooden bar stool manufacturers recommend that their products only be used indoors because when they’re exposed to the sun and rain, the stool will start to fade, making it look old and worn. In contrast chrome bar stools are usually treated so that they won’t fade or rust. This means that not only are they low maintenance (a simple dust is all they need), many are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

They come in a wide range of styles

It’s true! Chrome bar stools come in a wide range of styles from the compact and chic, to the large and luxurious. They also come with a wide range of seating options from impervious laminated wood, through to faux leather, ergonomically moulded ABS resin, and even perspex. If you like a bit of colour then no problem! Seating can be black or white for that timeless classic look, or an explosion of bright colours such as lime green, burnt orange, and sunburst yellow, for a funky modern approach. How about a chrome bar stool with the added comfort of a backrest or a footrest in a T-bar, crescent, oblong, or trendy cascade design? Or what about a gas lift bar stool that turns 360 degrees, or a more traditional 4 legged design? In fact, every style you can think of from industrial or retro, through to contemporary modern is represented by the chrome bar stool.

Having read this post it’s easy to see why chrome bar stools continue to remain popular. So if feel it’s about time you went chrome then why not take a closer look at Cafe Solutions. We supply a wide range of cafe furniture at great value-for-money prices including a good selection of chrome bar stools, so check out our website or contact us on 07 3205 1616 to find out more

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