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Exploring The 5 Best Materials For Cafe Furniture

cafe chairsFor anyone looking to purchase cafe furniture there are two main factors to consider and they are form and function. Furniture for a cafe, bar, or restaurant needs to be durable and functional as well as aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the theme or décor of your venue.

How your furniture looks is as important as how it measures up in terms of strength and durability. Outside furniture for example needs to be able to withstand the harsh Australian climate as well as abuse from customers and staff, and yet still look attractive and appealing. These two factors are dependent on the type of material used.

While the choice of materials for your cafe furniture depends on whether you’re going to be using it indoors or out, we’ve listed below the 5 best materials of choice for hospitality furniture. So, let’s take a look:


Aluminium is a great choice for cafe furniture because it can be used indoors and outside, is lightweight, and resistant to corrosion. It’s also easy to match with other materials and colours which makes it a cost effective choice if you tend to renovate or change your interior every couple of years. Here at Cafe Solutions we have some great aluminium chairs which are paired with rattan and ash timber.

Wrought iron

Wrought iron is another popular material especially for the great outdoors. It is heavier than aluminium so makes a good choice if your dining area is in a windy location. Furniture made from wrought iron looks classy and is very durable but it’s not necessarily the best choice for indoors as it’s heavy to move around and may scratch your floor.


Wicker styles chairs made from cane, bamboo, or rattan are the most environmentally friendly option and can be used both indoors and outside. This style of furniture looks great with cushions and creates a warm, inviting ambience.


Wood is always a popular choice because of the variety of styles of furniture that are manufactured from this material. Wood furniture is durable and fairly low maintenance and produce natural oils which help to protect against rot and deterioration. Bentwood chairs and ladder back chairs are just two iconic styles of wooden chairs which we stock.


Polypropylene is another material that is growing rapidly in popularity. It’s a good option for outdoor use because of the fact that it is lightweight and stackable and it comes in practically any colour you can think of to add a pop of colour to your dining space. Our polypropylene chairs come in a wide range of designer styles and are weather proof and low in maintenance. They are also protected with UV stabilisers to stop them fading in the hot Australian sunshine. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they’re extremely versatile and cost effective.

By choosing the right material for your cafe furniture and taking into account other things such as location and cost, you’ll get the best value for your money. Our friendly knowledgeable team are more than happy to discuss your furniture requirements and offer advice to help you make the right decision. Browse our online store or visit our showroom in Brendale to see our chairs first hand. If you need any more information then please don’t hesitate to contact us on (07) 3205 1616.

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