Exploring The Benefits Of A 600mm Round Dry-Bar Table

dry bar tableThe small round dry-bar table has been around in one form or another since the turn of the 20th century where they originated from mid-19th century dry-bar trolleys. They’re still as popular today as they were back in the day and not without good reason. Here are some of the benefits that a small round dry-bar table can bring to your establishment.

Great for awkward or small spaces

In any cafe, restaurant, or bistro you should be looking to maximise the space available so that you can in turn maximise your profits. While it’s sometimes good to have uniform tables, it mightn’t be the best use of space. In contrast, the 600 mm round dry bar table is small enough to slot snugly into awkward alcoves and corners where an ordinary table might not fit, giving you in effect a greater chance of ‘bums on seats’, without affecting the natural flow of your establishment.

Perfect for small terrace areas

In addition to maximising your inside space you might also want to think about your outside space. This might be restricted to a small pavement or terrace area. This being the case it could be preferable to place several small round dry bar tables in the area rather than one larger table. People often like eating alfresco and what better way to people watch than to sit outside on a pavement cafe area with a glass of something cold. Not only this, having an outside space complete with tables can create an atmosphere or buzz because it has the ability to attract passers-by easier than having only inside space.

Ideal table-for-two

If you’re looking to create an intimate eating or drinking experience for those that want it, then the 600mm round dry bar table does exactly this. It really is the perfect table-for-two and tucked away in a quiet alcove or corner area it creates a private experience, ideal for those who for whatever reason don’t want others to share the party.

Adds variety to your cafe cheaply

Finally round dry-bar tables are a perfect way to add variety to your table arrangements. Not only does it give customers that much needed variety of seating choice which they love but also, cafe owners can achieve this look cheaply using the 600mm round dry bar table. Because they’re compact, they often cost a fraction of the price of their larger counterparts.

So there you have it. 4 great benefits of the 600mm round dry-bar table! At Cafe Solutions we’re having an End of Financial Year sale where you can pick up commercial grade tables including the small round dry-bar table for between 20% and 60% normal prices. Why not head on over to our website and take a closer look.

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