Exploring The Benefits Of Werzalit Table Tops

If you’ve ever thought about updating your café furniture or are starting out from scratch then you might want to consider Werzalit table tops. Aside from being a great way to update your overall style, design or theme without it costing you the earth there are a multitude of other benefits too. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Wide selection of décors

Werzalit table tops come in a wide variety of colours, styles, and designs and as such there’s a table top to fit in comfortably with most tastes. From granite colouring for that contemporary industrial feel, to wood composite for that cool Mediterranean vibe, there’s something for everyone. If it’s colour you’re after then no problem. Crimson reds, cool whites and onyx black are just a small selection of the hues available. So if you’ve got a specific colour scheme going on, it won’t be an issue finding a Werzalit table top to fit in perfectly.

A variety of shapes and sizes

In addition to a wide range of colours and styles, Werzalit table tops come ready made in different sizes of small, medium, and large. They also come in either round or square shapes. This means that if you’re looking to fill an awkward space of gap then you can be sure that Werzalit has the table top just for you.

Impressive craftsmanship

If the name Werzalit sounds German, it’s because it is. This means that every Werzalit table top is manufactured using the very same high quality and skill that befits any German engineered product. The manufacturing process is fully patented and consists of pressed composites that are kiln-dried and glued leaving a table top that’s not only beautiful to look at with smooth lines and bevelled edges, but one that’s built to last. Sun, rain, acid, greases and hot drink spills are no match for this table top and as such, they’re ideal for use both inside and out and can handle anything a busy establishment can throw at it. In fact they’re impervious to just about anything. That’s how hard-wearing they are!

Simple to care for

The smooth closed surface that’s homogeneously pressed onto the composite material below is so simple to clean it satisfies the hygiene requirements of just about any professional food service industry body.

If you want to find out more about Werzalit table tops then you’ve come to the right place. Throughout the month of November, here at Cafe Solutions we’re giving you a discount of 15% off all Werzalit table tops in stock. Grab yourself a bargain and check out our website at www.cafesolutions.com.au or give us a call and speak to us directly on 07 3205 1616 today.


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