Give Your Café That Wow Factor With A Stylish Fusion Interior

NMoroccan decor and accessory ideasThe word ‘fusion’ is one that’s become quite fashionable and trendy of late. Fusion cuisine for example where top chefs try to combine flavours and spices from different parts of the world is growing in recognition. Musicians are also experimenting with fusing different genres of music to great effect, and of course the same can be said of interiors.

Fusing one distinct style with another can create an individual look that can make your café stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. As we head into 2015 one of the most exciting fusion styles to come about is mixing contemporary European furniture designs and boldly merging them with Middle-Eastern and Asian patterns in an east meets west style. The good news is that you don’t have to be an interior designer to make the best of this look. Instead, by following a few simple rules you can be extremely successful. Let’s find out more…

Get into colour

In places like Morocco or India, colour is everywhere, especially in their textiles, ceramics and weaving. By taking the essence of that colour and adding it to your café interior it’s a great way to make a statement that isn’t particularly costly. Try and go for bold colours such as mustards, coppers, midnight blue or rich berry and go mad on one prominent wall. Now balance these out with grey, white, or taupe to keep things contemporary and neutral.

Say it with pattern

Alternatively why not keep the walls relatively neutral and then add vibrant pattern such as intricate middle or far eastern lattice work in the form of screens? Or how about cushions, throws, and rugs in deep rich colours. Finally Moroccan pendant lamps with filigree pattern have the ability to throw the most magical patterns onto your walls and ceilings.


Most people are so hooked on colour they forget about adding texture. Heavy linens, smooth silks, textures of wool, and mohair are just some of the items that would be used in these regions. Add to this the rich heritage of weaving and quilting against a backdrop of crisp white and it makes for an amazing contemporary look with an eastern twist. Furniture such as Ottomans in spice brown or low lying carved tables can also make a big difference.

Here at Cafe Solutions we have a wide selection of fabulously priced café furniture that will help you in your quest for fusion perfection. Why not check out our website or contact us on 07 3205 1616. Alternatively if you’re in the Brendale area then why not visit our well-stocked warehouse in person.

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