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Great Tips for Choosing Furniture for your Cafe or Restaurant

Great tips for choosing furniture for your café or restaurant

Setting up a new café, or even updating an existing café can be a daunting prospect. Not only do you need to find what you need in time for the big opening day, your choices need to reflect the look and feel you wish to achieve, and must suit your budget. Do not stress, Cafe Solutions  provides cafe furniture that suits the look you are wishing to create, and we can provide these items in bulk, at a very affordable price. If you want to have a chat with us, we are more than happy to create a package that suits your needs.

Café furniture can make or break the look and feel of your establishment. If the ambience of a café or restaurant is off, you may find that customers sadly won’t return to dine again. This can be overcome by making informed choices about which pieces you purchase. Sit down and write an outline of what kind of feel and style you are wishing to achieve. Write down suitable colour schemes, textures, patterns and feature pieces. Think about finishes, would you want a silver finish on a table, or black? Do you want all your chairs to be uniform in colour, or would the theming suit a variety? Also think about what kind of dining experience you want your customers to have. Do you want them to settle in and spend all afternoon in your restaurant? Maybe chairs with armrests would be suitable for this. Maybe you experience a high volume of customers and you have more of a fast food outlet. Think about having smaller chairs that customers can sit on momentarily while waiting for their order.

Theming is important when considering setting up your café or restaurant. You want all your chosen items to work together cohesively to create a certain look and atmosphere. If you have chosen a retro theme, consider pairing red and black chairs. If you are considering a minimalist look, consider purchasing all white chairs, or all black chairs. For a natural/earthy theme, consider using ash timber chairs, rattan cane chairs, or chocolate coloured chairs. For a soft, feminine look, cream, or ‘latte’ coloured chairs are available on the market. Choosing tables is also important. Two popular styles include tables with black laminate tops, and those with stainless steel tops. Your choice of finish will also depend on your choice of chairs, and what combination will achieve your desired look.

When choosing café furniture consider the environment in which they will be placed. If your establishment is completely indoors, you have the freedom to choose from any type of chair. If your café or restaurant is partially or wholly outdoors, it is a good idea to find out if the chairs you are interested in buying a treated for UV exposure from the sun, and will withstand weather elements such as rain and wind. There are quite a number of chairs on the market that are UV treated, and come in a range of colours. Also ask about the weight that a chair is able to withstand, so that your chairs remain in good use for the long term, and don’t break from constant use by customers. You don’t want to invest in something that will only last a few months.

Another thing to consider is what design of chair you wish to buy, to make your customers feel most comfortable. Chairs with armrests may be a good option, however some customers may feel restricted in movement, and so simpler chairs may be a better option. Good luck with your new venture, and remember to refer back to these great tips when making your café furniture purchases.

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