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High Bar Stools For All Occasions

No bar, café, or restaurant is complete without high bar stools and we have plenty for you to choose from. All of our stools are manufactured to the highest standards with strong joints and solid timber or metal frames for greater longevity and durability in a commercial environment. Choose from a wide range of styles at affordable prices from Café Solutions for your new high bar stools.

Our collection of high bar stools incorporates both traditional and contemporary styles. The Cross Back natural timber stool, Ladder Back stool, Tall Hairpin stool, Rhiannon Stool and Loft stool are just a few of the most popular styles we supply, but there are plenty more on offer at Café Solutions.

Factors to consider when choosing high bar stools

The type of high bar stool you choose naturally comes down to personal preference, but we’ve put together a few factors to consider that may help you decide which is best for you.

Do you need a backrest and a cushioned seat?

High Bar Stools - Ladder Back Chair
Ladder Back Stool in Dark Walnut with Caramel Cushion

Having decided to purchase high bar stools for your venue, the next decision is whether or not to choose a stool with a backrest. Generally speaking, customers may find themselves staying longer if their stool has a backrest, otherwise, there is a tendency to slouch.

However, if space is limited, then stools without backrests can be pushed completely under the table or counter, without taking up additional space. So this is something you might want to consider.

Some of our high bar stools, such as our Ladder Back stools, are offered with a choice of upholstered vinyl cushioned seat. This makes it more comfortable for customers staying longer and furthermore, in the event if any spills, the cushion can be quickly wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Which material to choose?


Timber bar stools are always a popular choice because they add a feeling of warmth and work particularly well in a traditional rustic setting. Our Ladder Back stools come in a variety of timber finishes including natural, walnut, and oak plus a choice of coloured cushioned seats including caramel, chocolate, and charcoal.

If you’re looking for a backless wooden stool, then why not take a look at our stylish No. 18 Bentwood stool in walnut with an embossed seat. Or, if you’re rocking the industrial look then our Detroit adjustable stool could be a perfect fit. If timber isn’t for you, then we have plenty of metal framed high bar stools for you to choose from


Many of our metal framed tall stools including our Phil stool and our Cargo stool come with a timber seat and a minimalist frame which lends more a casual look to a dining area. If you prefer a stool that looks a little more eye-catching, then our Hair Pin high bar stools are a good choice. Or for a more contemporary aesthetic, then take a look at our Rhiannon stool which features an open lattice shell seat with a slender metal frame.


High bar stools - Parisian stool
Parisian Stool

One of the latest additions to our stool range is the Parisian stool which features a powder coated aluminium frame with synthetic rattan weaving on the seat, base, and footrest. Stackable, UV treated, and weather resistant, it’s ideal for indoor and outdoor use and can be paired with our black and white Parisian chairs with a V pattern.

Our Cross Back stools are another popular choice and feature a powder coated steel frame and a timber seat. With its eye-catching backrest and curved supports beneath the seat, it’s an attractive stool that would fit well into most decors.

Why not browse our online store, download our furniture catalogue, or visit one of our showrooms in Brisbane, Sydney, to see our high bar stools. Our friendly team are always available to answer any questions you may have about any of our products