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Sit On A High Stool and Enjoy the View!

high stool
Replica Tolix Stool With Backrest

A high stool is an extremely versatile piece of café furniture and can be used at all times of the day. Whether your customers want to eat their breakfast perched on a rustic tall stool or pass the evening sipping long drinks on sleek elegant stools, we’ve got it covered.

Our tall stools vary in design and come in different materials, with backrests, footrests, swivel seats, or no back at all. Whatever type of tall stool you require, you’re sure to find just what you want at Café Solutions.

Where to use a high stool

Our tall stools are typically 76cm high and can be grouped around high bar tables or sat beneath a bar counter.

When choosing stools for your café, there are several considerations to take into account. Things such as “What material do I want my stool to be made from?”, “Is the stool for indoor or outdoor use?”, “Should my stool have a backrest or not?”

Ultimately, these are all questions which can help narrow down your search for 76 cm bar stools. Some of the decision needs to be based around customer comfort. For instance, backless stools don’t offer the support that a stool with a backrest does, and customers may find them uncomfortable over a period of time. One advantage of a stool with a backrest is that customers may stay longer because they are comfortable, and this could result in them ordering more drinks and/or food.

We would recommend that your choice of tall stool complements your existing furniture, too. For instance, a rattan stool is likely to look out of place in an industrial setting. In this scenario, a metal stool would probably be a preferred choice.

Indoor or outdoor use

It also helps to narrow your search by knowing where your stool is to be used and whether it needs to be weatherproof. Using furniture outdoors that is intended for indoor use only can damage it and shorten its longevity. 76cm stools such as our Parisian bar stool or the Rhiannon stool are a good choice for indoor and outdoor use and are weatherproof and durable.

If you’re looking for an indoor tall stool then our Ladder Back stool is always a popular choice and comes with a backrest, an upholstered seat for additional comfort, and a variety of finishes.

A high stool can also be used to maximise your floor space since it can be used in awkward corners where you may struggle to fit a standard café table and 4 chairs.

Why not browse our range of high stools by heading over to our online store. Alternatively, our furniture can be viewed at our showroom located in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. We’d love to see you at one soon.