How To Avoid Café Furniture Decorating Mistakes

It can be an exciting time choosing the décor for your café, bar or bistro and placing your furniture and accessories accordingly. However, although most of like to think that we’re good at decorating and setting the tone, we can all fall at the last hurdle. Here are some tips to help you choose and place your café furniture perfectly.

Avoid too much matching

You need to avoid the temptation of buying everything for your café furniture to match. If you buy dark wood tables for example then choose industrial style metal chairs to add a complete contrast. Consider choosing pieces of furniture such as sofas or Ottomans to act as accent colours. Everything needs to blend and you need set anchor points, but mixing it up will add more interest.

Keep everything to scale

If your floor space is tiny then it stands to reason that there’s little point in purchasing large tables and chairs which will dominate the area and make it look smaller. Instead opt for compact tables which seat one or two customers and which can be used in the corners of your room to maximise your floor space. Elsewhere consider bench style tables where chairs or stools can sit neatly underneath, leaving room to move around the tables safely.

Don’t be too formal

Try and avoid a look that is a little stiff and starchy with tables all set out in perfect rows and all of the furniture being exactly the same. Formal can put people off since if they’re dropping in for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake, then they want to unwind and feel relaxed. Instead try and add some colourful seat cushions to soften the look of chairs and perhaps put some quirky art work on the walls.

Looking beyond aesthetics

It’s easy to fall in love with a piece of furniture for your café but fail to understand just how or whether it will function in your establishment. Hopefully you’re going to be running a busy café so all of your furniture needs to be low maintenance, durable and functional.

Reign in themes

Having a theme can be a great idea but sometimes it can be overdone and the effect tends to ‘cutesy’ or cluttered. One way to reign in an overload of theme is to use some natural colours and textures to run alongside the themed elements.

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