How To Blend Different Café Furniture Styles Using These Six Key Factors

French bistro cafe themeOne of the most effective ways to give your café that wow factor is to blend decorating styles. The problem is that although when you get it right it can look a million dollars it’s also very easy to get it horribly wrong. With this in mind, here are six key factors that just might help.

Colour limitations

Whatever style you’re looking to blend, whether it’s traditional, rustic, contemporary, or just plain funky, you need to keep it unified (in other words aim for something that ties it all in). In this case that ‘something’ is colour. By using the same 2 or 3 colours throughout the room it won’t look cluttered and out of place. Conversely, if you use more than 3 colours, it has the opposite effect of drawing attention to the individual items rather than the overall look. Clearly that’s not what you want to achieve.

Matching composites

If for instance you have a cutting-edge, contemporary piece of café furniture and you want to match it with a traditional or rustic piece, it can be done by matching composites. A good example would be wood. If it’s the same type or the same shade, then both old and new can come together to form a completely cohesive look.

Pattern matching

Sometimes it’s the pattern that can come together to unify a space, (think polka dots, stripes or even a print). In addition, try thinking about shapes. A scalloped-edge or a curved leg theme in most of your furniture can really go a long way towards bringing it all together.

Focus on the unique

So far we’ve talked about having to bring every piece together, but here’s a slightly different take on it. Why not take one unique piece of furniture or art that you really like and select pieces that blend effortlessly in with that. The unique piece doesn’t even have to blend itself, it just needs to stand out as a feature piece. Pull this off and you have one seriously effective design that can and will turn heads.

What about a theme?

Themes are great at tying rooms together and focus on the overall look rather than the individual pieces. For example a New England nautical look with shades of blue and white can look stunning in the right place. Throw in some rope and some sea-shells and you’re up and running. Alternatively if you want something laid back and relaxing, then how about a Miami Beach theme with shades of pistachio and lilac? Just one word of advice.. whatever your theme then if you want a natural look, don’t over do it!

Building foundations

A few simple pieces which are basic and not connected to any style or period can act as a foundation to bring a variety of elements together. Once you have your base décor, then you can add some cool, funky, interesting and unique pieces

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